Feminist Man Praises Himself On Instagram For Being Willing To Marry Curvy Woman

Feminist Man Praises Himself On Instagram For Being Willing To Marry Curvy Woman

So, one feminist guy decides to pat himself on the back on Instagram because he marries a curvy lady and feminists attack him for being part of the problem.

Have you ever seen a herd of animals attack one of their own? It’s a lot like that, except you don’t feel bad for the male feminist. In fact, in some sick way you find yourself rooting for the women who are viciously ripping him to shreds because let’s face it, the spineless guy just wants people to applaud his progressivism.

So, this fine piece of beta male, took to social media to write a post about how much he loves his “curvy wife” and how he was bullied in high school for being attracted to women “on the thicker side.” He then went on about how he studied up on feminist issues and looking into how women are “marginalized” in the media. Gag.

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|| I love this woman and her curvy body. As a teenager, I was often teased by my friends for my attraction to girls on the thicker side, ones who were shorter and curvier, girls that the average (basic) bro might refer to as "chubby" or even "fat." Then, as I became a man and started to educate myself on issues such as feminism and how the media marginalizes women by portraying a very narrow and very specific standard of beauty (thin, tall, lean) I realized how many men have bought into that lie. For me, there is nothing sexier than this woman right here: thick thighs, big booty, cute little side roll, etc. Her shape and size won't be the one featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan but it's the one featured in my life and in my heart. There's nothing sexier to me than a woman who is both curvy and confident; this gorgeous girl I married fills out every inch of her jeans and is still the most beautiful one in the room. Guys, rethink what society has told you that you should desire. A real woman is not a porn star or a bikini mannequin or a movie character. She's real. She has beautiful stretch marks on her hips and cute little dimples on her booty. Girls, don't ever fool yourself by thinking you have to fit a certain mold to be loved and appreciated. There is a guy out there who is going to celebrate you for exactly who you are, someone who will love you like I love my Sarah. || photo cred: @kaileehjudd

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(Now before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I’m not attacking this woman. She’s beautiful, but she’s married to a total toolbag.)

But this wasn’t good enough for for some people, who see Robbie Tripp here as part of the problem facing women today.


His little monologue there has been turned into a meme that has been posted all over Twitter.


The problem here is not that this man is being rewarded for being attracted to his wife, or that curvy women aren’t getting the recognition they deserve in the media. The problem is that there is no way to make either side happy. One side wants to celebrate the things that Tumblr tells them to celebrate and the other side doesn’t think they should be celebrated because it suggests that they’re “abnormal” and being “abnormal” is bad. Except when they tell you to be “abnormal” by rebelling against the patriarchy and shaving your head, but not shaving your armpits. Then “abnormal” is good.

You know, because logic.

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