GORE! Tourist Dangles Food To Tease Bear Gets MAULED And Dragged Into Enclosure – Survives! [VIDEO]

GORE! Tourist Dangles Food To Tease Bear Gets MAULED And Dragged Into Enclosure – Survives! [VIDEO]

On the other side of the world, a bear viciously mauled a tourist after he unwisely teased the beast by suspending food into its enclosure…until something went horribly wrong. Naiphum Promratee, 36, is the idiot that attempted to feed the animal at the temple in rural Phetchabun province, Thailand.

His teasing with the food angered the bear so much, it stood on its hind legs and dragged him into the enclosure, knocking him unconscious before tearing into his body with his powerful jaws and teeth.

Atrocious footage displayed spectators trying in vain to frighten the bear away as he mangled Promratee. His friends hit the bear with poles and even tried to throw cold water at it, but it didn’t do a thing. The bear continued to bite and claw Promratee for almost a minute before it started dragging him across the dirty enclosure.

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But one of the members of the group attempting to save the man ran into the enclosure and attacked the bear in its cage with a pole while friends rescued Naiphum. The day before the attack, the head abbot at the Wat Luang Phor Lamai temple claimed some of the animals were ‘hungry’ because they were not given sufficient food.

Emergency services arrived on the scene at 11 am local time and rushed the torn up man to the hospital, where he is now recovering and able to speak.

Bpae Permpoonsap, 60, from the Khon Khao Koo Pai rescue service, had this to say about the attack:

‘We received a report today of a bear attack at 11.10am. The bear was among other creatures being raised by monks at the temple. The man had gone to the temple with four or five friends and he was toying with the bear. It pulled him in and attacked him. We arrived and found the man injured seriously. He had been with his friends and wanted to feed the animals. He was lucky to survive and he is in hospital now and able to talk.’

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