Heartwarming Rescue of Injured Dog by Hero Firefighter

Heartwarming Rescue of Injured Dog by Hero Firefighter

One of the melt-you-heart moments not to be missed when you hear about stories like these. The Salt Lake City Fire Department has a hero in one firefighter, who elected to place an injured dog on his shoulders – and carried her 2 miles to safety through the Utah mountains. More from the Daily Mail:



Tony Stowe and his crew from Salt Lake Fire Station 10 hiked more than two miles just to get to Rue, who was stranded on a ledge after hurting her paw.

The firefighters had been called around 7pm on Sunday to assist animal control officers off the Bonneville Shoreline Trail when they saw that the purebred Vizsla wasn’t moving.

Rue was given water before she hitched a ride down the trail on Tony’s shoulders during the 45 minute rescue, according to Desert News.

She was taken care of by Salt Lake County Animal Services and reunited with her owners, who said she has a history of running out of the yard, on Monday.

Tony wrote on Facebook that he would have adopted Rue if she had been without a home.

‘I miss her already,’ he wrote of his fast bond with Rue. ‘She was such a sweet dog and easy to carry.’
‘I’m so happy she is home, and happy to have met her. I love my job.’

Maybe Rue’s owner will let her visit her rescuer at the station some time soon- I am sure man and canine would both enjoy that immensely.

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