Heroic Mother Drowns In Harvey Flood As Child Desperately Clings To Her Body Until Help Arrives [PICTURES]

Heroic Mother Drowns In Harvey Flood As Child Desperately Clings To Her Body Until Help Arrives [PICTURES]

This has got to be one of the saddest stories to come out of Hurricane Harvey. When I read about it yesterday, it broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Collette Sulcer, 41, died Tuesday while saving her three year-old from the flood waters. They got trapped in her car and she left the car in a desperate attempt to save the child. They were swept into a canal a half mile from their car, where rescuers found the little girl clutching her mother who was face down in the water. The child was kept afloat by a pink backpack as I understand it.

The first responders said that Collette was unresponsive when they found her. A bystander let them transport the woman and child in their truck to an awaiting ambulance. Unfortunately, Collette didn’t survive. The little girl will be fine and is in stable condition. She had hypothermia from the water. The mother fought with everything she had until the end to keep her daughter’s head above the flood waters. In the end, she made the ultimate sacrifice for her little girl.

Police proclaimed the mother a hero and said she absolutely saved the child’s life. They were spotted by police and fire rescue divers in a boat. They managed to get to the mother and her daughter just before they went under a trestle. If that had happened, the child probably would have not made it. Police say they would not have been able to rescue the child as the water was already almost up to the trestle.

The little girl is at an area hospital, but will be released to family members if she hasn’t been already. This is only one of many sad stories unfolding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. They found a 64 year-old man dead under a foot of debris in a clock repair shop as well. And then there was the tragic story of two great-grandparents and their four great-grandchildren who were swept away in a van. All six were found dead yesterday buried in the mud.

Thirty people are listed as dead so far from the storm. As of this morning, I heard there were seventeen more to add to the list. As the waters recede, the death toll will rise drastically. I fear the numbers could be as bad or worse than Katrina’s. Over 30,000 people are now homeless. The damage is in the tens of billions of dollars already and it will just keep going up. Harvey broke all records for rainfall in the continental US. And it will break all records for damages as well. More than 52 inches of rain have now fallen.

The storm is gone now, but the waters are still rising. A chemical plant had two explosions this morning and they expect more. Major refineries are shut down as well. Trains and trucking are affected in the wake of all this. It is in my estimation the worst catastrophe of its kind in our lifetime.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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