[HILARIOUS VIDEO] This ADORABLE Dog Contends With A Lemon

[HILARIOUS VIDEO] This ADORABLE Dog Contends With A Lemon

Incoming daily dose of cuteness! This pup gets hold of a lemon, somehow (I’m looking at you, mischievous owner!) and just doesn’t know what to do! It’s ok, pup! It’s just a lemon!


When life gives you lemons, freak out.

It seems this adorable golden retriever is experiencing lemons for the first time. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what to do with all that sour and just ends up losing it.

Looks like he needs some lemon-aid. (Sorry.)

Poor little guy. Hope he doesn’t run into any more lemons in the future, though it might be funny to open a whole bag of them and see what this doggy does with them.

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