Horrifically abused pit bull with HALF a face still wags her tail nonstop and ‘loves all people’

Horrifically abused pit bull with HALF a face still wags her tail nonstop and ‘loves all people’

You’ve seen the commercials of animals who have abused and neglected, but this story will absolutely break your heart. Khalessi, a two-year-old pit bull mix was found missing half of her face, including nose, nostrils and sinus cavities. While she may look a little scary at first glance, the baby still loves people, and is one of the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet.


From The Daily Mail:

She may only have half a face, but she has a full heart.

Khalessi the two-year-old pit bull mix was found abandoned on an Orlando, Florida lawn. She was missing her nose, nostrils, and sinus cavity – making her long front teeth hang out like the tusks of a walrus.

That would have been hard enough for any dog to deal with, but Khalessi had it much worse – her back legs also didn’t work.

She also had multiple injuries in different stages of healing – making her rescuer, Stephanie Paquin of Passion 4 Pits Rescue, believe that the small black pit bull had been severely abused.

She was also underweight and weighed only 20 pounds, with her ribs sticking out.

Despite all of that, Paquin says Khalessi is a sweetheart whose tail hasn’t stopped wagging since she picked her up.

‘Khalessi is sweet, loving and amazing. She loves people, all people. She just wants attention and love,’ she told The Huffington Post. ‘A person did this to her and she does not let it affect her outlook on people. This experience has changed her appearance but not her heart.’

Paquin got a call from a kill shelter in Orlando asking if she could help, and Paquin says she couldn’t just leave Khalessi there, so she and her husband immediately went and retrieved her.

‘You are safe now, little one,’ she wrote on her group’s Facebook page.

Khalessi has tested negative for heartworm, however, she will need surgery to correct her back legs.

Khalessi also recently made a trip to a pet supply store, and picked out her own toy – a stuffed cow.

The dog will also undergo surgery for her nose, and the group thinks that a vet can reconstruct it to the point where she will have a much easier time breathing.

She will also need dental work as several of her teeth have exposed roots from the area of missing bone in her jaw.

Passion 4 Pits Rescue, based in St. Petersburg, has started an online fundraiser to help with Khalessi’s medical costs, and has so far raised over $10,000.

I’m so glad this precious baby found a loving home. No animal deserves to be abused or so horribly disfigured. I hope they can reconstruct her nose and make it easier for her to breathe.

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