Hundreds of people on Facebook were tricked into sharing photo of a dog with ham on its face

Hundreds of people on Facebook were tricked into sharing photo of a dog with ham on its face

Apparently there are enough people stupid enough to just hit share instead of actually loking with any kind of depth at what they are doing. I present to you, house fire dog! Or should I say, lunchmeat dog? Either way, this bit of silliness got WAY out of hand:

pray dog

When Stephen Roseman posted a picture of his supposedly hurt dog on Facebook, thousands shared the image and said they were praying for the animal.

According to the post, it was ‘badly burned and disfigured trying to save his family from a house fire.’

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But, after more than 100,000 shares and over 50,000 likes, people looked a little closer and realized the burn mark was actually a piece of ham.

Roseman managed to convince animal lovers the piece of meat draped across the pup’s face was injuries he sustained in the fire.

At first, people sent the dog ‘Christmas miracles’ while others called him ‘brave’.

But soon enough users looked closer, and realized it was a cold cut.

When people started to realize, Roseman was described as ‘heartless’ in the comments below.

Some also said he was mistreating the dog for placing the food on his head.

However he took it in his stride, and wrote earlier this week: ‘So far, fifty two thousand prayers for ham dog, god bless him.’

I’m more impressed the dog left a piece of ham on his face for long enough to get a snap. Look before you hit ‘SHARE’, folks.

Just ridiculous.

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