Hurricane Irma Pictures and What We Know Now [VIDEO]

Hurricane Irma Pictures and What We Know Now [VIDEO]

Hurricane Irma has made landfall in Florida as a Category 4 monster. Four people are known dead so far and it has left over one million households without power. Before this is done, it is expected that half the state will be without power. It took a westward path, which was the worst possible outcome. It will go up the west coast of Florida where the land is the flattest and the storm surge will be the worst. Over 6.3 million people were evacuated for the storm. I have friends and family in and near Tampa who are hunkered down to ride it out. I wish they had gotten out. This storm is a nightmare.

Among the dead is a sheriff’s deputy. Everywhere this storm has landed has been devastated by the high winds and the storm surge. She killed at least 25 in the Caribbean. Florida is going to suffer major damage and much like Houston, it will take billions of dollars and years to recover. Even worse is the looming specter of Hurricane Jose, who is a Category 4 and is heading this way. In Miami, where the worst of the storm won’t be felt, winds of over 100 mph whipped between the buildings. A crane collapsed this morning as well. A 94 mph wind gust was recorded at Miami International Airport.

Police are warning people in Florida to not venture out. They cannot come and rescue them now as the storm is bearing down on the state with all its fury. My friend Denise this morning asked if she had told me that Irma was a b*tch. She doesn’t need to and I pray she hangs on and comes through this okay. My brother-in-law and his family are in Tampa and we spoke with them this morning, so my whole family is engrossed in this. I have cousins in Florida as well.

Irma this morning also brought wind gusts of 93 mph near Key Largo and 89 mph to Key West. Florida Gov. Rick Scott told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” that the Keys were “getting pounded.” From the pictures I saw, that’s an understatement. Irma is beautiful from space, but she’s a nightmare on earth come to life. By 10 am the storm’s eye was moving away from the Florida Keys, and by 11 am, the storm had moved to about 80 miles south-southeast of Naples on Florida’s west coast.

Irma will churn up the coast of Florida and probably make a second landfall in Ft. Meyers or Naples. Wind gusts of 75 mph were recorded at the Naples Airport early Sunday and officials are warning people to stay indoors and away from the windows. The storm’s eye is expected to pass near Fort Myers this evening and head over Tampa overnight, bringing the storm near Cedar Key and Tallahassee, along Florida’s panhandle, by Monday morning. Say a prayer for all those affected by this storm. They need all the help and divine intervention they can get at this point.

The National Weather Service has warned Florida residents that being in the eye of a hurricane can lead to a false sense of security: “IF winds go calm, you’re in the eye. Stay inside! Winds dramatically shift and will do so violently! STAY INSIDE!” Over 100,000 are in shelters and homes bracing for impact. Winds in this storm are 130 mph with gusts to 144 mph. Between the wind and the storm surge, some people won’t make it through this beast. My thoughts and prayers are not only with my friends and family, but all of Florida today.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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