Man Arrested After Pouring Boiling Water On His Girlfriend’s Son Because…

Man Arrested After Pouring Boiling Water On His Girlfriend’s Son Because…

Many conservatives laugh at the term “homophobia” because it’s used as a catch-all anytime someone announces their disagreement with the homosexual lifestyle.

Martin Blackwell, 48, might be the first actual homophobe I’ve ever encountered, and what he did was absolutely horrific.


From The Daily Mail:

A man has been arrested after he allegedly poured boiling water over his girlfriend’s son and his boyfriend as they lay asleep in bed, leaving the pair with horrific burns.

Martin Blackwell, 48, is charged with aggravated battery after police say he burned Anthony Gooden, 23, and partner Marquez Tolbert, 21, as they slept in Gooden’s mother’s apartment.

Blackwell allegedly doused the pair with boiling water at the apartment in College Park, Georgia, before telling them ‘get out of my house with all that gay’ and dragging them out of the front door.

Gooden and Tolbert were then left to go door-to-door in the neighborhood desperately looking for help, according to a GoFundMe page set up by Tolbert’s family.

Eventually a neighbor let them in and called for help and the pair were taken to hospital.

The pair suffered second and third degree burns to their backs, heads and necks, with Gooden placed in a medically-induced coma.

Meanwhile Tolbert was forced to have skin removed from his thighs to replace the lost skin on his back, and will now need to wear body compress dressings for two years.

Meanwhile Blackwell, who does not live at the address as he claimed but regularly visits, was arrested and booked into Fulton County Jail.

According to a police arrest report, seen by WSBTV, Blackwell was unrepentant, telling officers: ‘They’ll be all right. It was just a little hot water on them.’

Blackwell also told officers he was disgusted by the men’s relationship, the report says.

Gooden told that his mother had only recently started dating Blackwell, and it appeared as though the pair were getting along well.

He said that in the early hours of February 12 he and Tolbert had returned from their job in a warehouse before falling asleep on a mattress on the floor of his mother’s front room.

Several hours later, as they were sleeping, Blackwell allegedly filled a pot with water, brought it to a boil, and then emptied it over the pair.

First of all, that’s not even his house, it belongs to the mother of the boy. Therefore, he had no right to attempt to kick them out for any reason, let alone their sexual orientation. Second, and perhaps most important, is the fact that the boys have a Gofundme account set up to aid in their recovery. Please consider a small donation.

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