Man Arrested for Teaching His Dog a RACIST Trick

Man Arrested for Teaching His Dog a RACIST Trick

This happened in Britain. A call center worker evidently wanted to annoy his girlfriend, so he taught her pug how to do a Nazi salute every time he heard, ‘Sieg Heil!’ At least he said it was a joke. He got arrested for a hate crime since he made the whole thing into a YouTube video that has been viewed over a million times. He spent a night in jail and then was released on bail. He apologized to the Jewish community and claims he is not racist. Let’s put aside the copious quantity of tattoos and the various piercings. It was not funny and in very poor taste. And yes, it is offensive. The difference between the UK and here is we have a Constitution that affords such people free speech. That same speech is not tolerated in Britain. What he did was reprehensible, but jail worthy? Hardly.


From Metro:

A call centre worker who made a video where his pet pug did a Nazi salute in response to the words, ‘Sieg Heil’ has been arrested.

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The film – which featured the dog watching Hitler’s speeches – has been viewed nearly a million times on YouTube.

The video showed pet pug Buddha jumping up on hearing the words: ‘Gas the Jews.’

Markus Meechan, 28, spent the night behind bars after police swooped on his home in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, and arrested him on suspicion of a hate crime.

He was later released and a report sent to the procurator fiscal in relation to an alleged breach of the electronic communications act of 2003.

While we’re at it… who does something like this? What kind of scum thinks this is funny? It’s beyond me. But what worries me even more is what the definition of a hate crime is morphing into and how the powers-that-be will try and implement that here in the states. Police said the arrest should be a warning that videos which cause offence will not be tolerated. ‘The clip is deeply offensive and no reasonable person can possibly find the content acceptable in today’s society. This arrest should serve as a warning to anyone posting such material online, or in any other capacity, that such views will not be tolerated.’ I don’t see anyone being arrested for promoting hatred against Christians… like let’s say… Muslims in Britain. Evidently, that’s not a hate crime. Things are extremely messed up out there. There’s hate everywhere you look now and those who want to silence anyone they find ‘offensive’. That heralds the death of freedom as we know it.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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