Man Leads Police On A Car Chase Because… It’s On His BUCKET LIST [VIDEO]

Man Leads Police On A Car Chase Because… It’s On His BUCKET LIST [VIDEO]

Just when you think people can’t get anymore stupid, they surprise you. Case in point… an Iowa man took police on a high-speed car chase. When he was pulled over, his excuse was that it was on his bucket list. Is jail on it too? Because that’s where he is now. This happened in Des Moines, Iowa. This genius’ name is Frederick Ray Jones, who is 46. We are not sure if that is his age or his IQ. Which would explain his moronic actions here. He was arrested for a number of violations and the state trooper that was interviewed said that his excuse was a new one on him… he’d never heard that excuse before, not in 28 years of being on the job.

I have to say, it’s better than the dog ate my homework. He wasn’t even driving his own car and the license he gave police wasn’t his either. Oh, bonus… he was intoxicated, which explains an awful lot here. At least he wasn’t naked. The Iowa State Patrol started their chase at around 7:30 am on Interstate 80 because the car’s registration was expired. He refused to pull over and other troopers joined the chase. It lasted all of 15 minutes and ended only when officers used a PIT maneuver – they tapped the side of the car from the rear causing the suspect to swerve into a stop.

The joy ride ended near Madison Elementary School. They found nothing in the car out of the ordinary. Jones was taken to Polk County Jail and was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, eluding, interference with official acts, operation without registration, unlawful use of license, speeding and a parole violation from a 2016 forgery conviction. Busy guy… the forgery’s a nice touch. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the chase or the arrest.

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Criminals never cease to amaze me in their dumb antics that lead to their arrest. This one included. I’m surprised they didn’t hit him with auto theft and reckless endangerment. This happened near a school and just through sheer luck, there were no kids around to get run over. I’m also surprised he didn’t resist arrest. He didn’t have any booze or drugs in the car, so he must have gotten drunk at his friend’s house and went for a ride. His friend was probably passed out. Well, at least he gets to check this off his bucket list… while he’s in jail.

Frederick Ray Jones told Iowa State Troopers he lead them on a chase on Thursday because it was on his bucket list.

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