Meet The Woman Who Runs A Bakery/Investigative Business That Delivers Cakes To Online Trolls [VIDEO]

Meet The Woman Who Runs A Bakery/Investigative Business That Delivers Cakes To Online Trolls [VIDEO]

If you were wondering what it would look like if the CIA and Cake Boss had a baby, you’ve come to the right place. (I’m actually getting paid to write that sentence. Awesome.)

Kat Thek is like a super hero – she delivers justice for a living. And a price of course, because unlike other super heroes, she has bills to pay.

This woman puts the FBI to shame. If someone makes a rude, mean, nasty or downright cruel comment on the Internet, she tracks them down and delivers them a cake. She frosts it and then ices your words onto it, decorating it with hearts, kitties and sprinkles. It’s a delightful way to troll the trolls, who only say those things because they think they are anonymous.

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She’s a full-time copywriter, but she runs Troll Cakes on the side and gently reminds people that a fake profile can’t hide who you REALLY are in real life.

Watch the video below:

Kat does all of the detective work involved with discovering the identity of your troll when you order a cake from her. Sometimes they even take a week’s worth of work to track down, but she is willing to do whatever it takes to remind them that they are not protected. It’s really actually kind of beautiful in a cruel way, because you know they’re going to be sitting there panicking, wondering how someone found out who they are. It’s nothing short of psychological warfare against trolls.

Now as great as this is, she has also mailed about seven cakes to the White House with mean Donald Trump tweets on them. Personally, I don’t feel bad about this because he has said some needlessly rude things about people to stroke his own ego.

It is interesting that she has managed to create a business out of people being jerks online. God Bless America.

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