Muslim Man Marries 19 Yr-Old Who Saved His Life, After Finding Him Crying On A Bench [VIDEO]

Muslim Man Marries 19 Yr-Old Who Saved His Life, After Finding Him Crying On A Bench [VIDEO]

Yeah… I don’t think this will end well. A gay Muslim in the UK is the first to enter into a same-sex marriage there. The death threats have already started rolling in as traditional Islam tends to kill gays. I do not understand why they would go public like this… inviting violence from other Muslims. Maybe it is the principle of the thing. Jahed Choudhury, 24, was basically the black sheep of his Islamic family growing up. I’m surprised he made it to adulthood. They tried to change him by sending him on a religious pilgrimage… it didn’t take.

Choudhury married Sean Rogan, 19, in a traditional Muslim ceremony in Britain. They met one day as Jahed sat on a bench crying, debating whether to take his own life or not. Sean saved him from that fate and now they are joined for life. It’s not something I condone, but it is their lives and their business. At their wedding, they wore traditional Bangladeshi wedding clothing. It was definitely colorful.

From the Daily Mail:

A gay man from the West Midlands has become the first Muslim to wed in a same-sex marriage.

Jahed Choudhury, 24, grew up feeling ostracised by the Muslim community because he was gay and was even sent on a religious pilgrimage to change his sexual orientation.

Two years ago, following a lifetime of bullying, Mr Choudhury considered taking his own life until he was spotted crying on a town bench in Darlaston by Sean Rogan, 19.

Mr Rogan comforted Mr Choudhury and they soon became a couple. Now the couple have wed in a ceremony in Walsall, both wearing traditional Bangladeshi wedding clothes.

However, despite their happiness, the couple have been subjected to several death threats.

He said: ‘I want to say to all people going through the same thing that it’s okay – we’re going to show the whole world that you can be gay and Muslim.’

At a low-key ceremony at Walsall registry office, Mr Choudhury from Darlaston, tied the knot in traditional Muslim attire with his partner of two years.

Jahed and Sean have now been together for two years. Being gay is a no-no in Islam… it is a cultural taboo that is punished with death many times. Jahed tried to pretend he was straight at one point… it consisted of him having a girlfriend, changing his social circle, taking medication and even going on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh. But the effort was doomed to failure. The desire was not there.

At one point it got so bad, Jahed was assaulted in the street and someone spray painted his door. The mosque he’d been attending for the past 15 years no longer wanted him among the devout. He was physically attacked by other Muslim boys. That was a low point for Jahed and he attempted suicide. He claims he has post-traumatic stress disorder meaning he struggles to face people alone and can’t work. Come on… that part is bull feces. I understand it has been tough on the guy, but using it as an excuse to not work? Nope.

Both family and friends attended the wedding ceremony. Jahed’s mother, sister, older brother and cousin witnessed the wedding, as did Sean’s mother, two sisters and older brother. Sean is considering converting to Islam. But both realize how hard it will be to find a mosque where they can worship. I don’t think they will succeed with that. And the death threats will just keep coming. Islam is incompatible with their lifestyle and at some point they may realize that.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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