Newlyweds Save THIS Flight From Disaster, Then United Gives Them Terrible Thank You [PHOTO]

Newlyweds Save THIS Flight From Disaster, Then United Gives Them Terrible Thank You [PHOTO]

A newlywed couple did a good deed for United Airlines and got treated horrifically for their trouble. They pointed out that a plane had a massive fuel leak. Mike and Rachel Brumfield were traveling to Venice from New Jersey for their honeymoon on June 13th. When they noticed that fuel was leaking from the edge of the wing of their plane, they immediately notified personnel to avert a potential disaster. For that kindness, they were left stranded by the airline.

It looked like a lot of fuel, but it’s not clear exactly how much leaked. The airline put passengers up at a hotel for the night and the hope was to get them on another flight the next day. The Brumfields, however, never got a hotel. Mike shredded the airline on Facebook for not putting him and his new bride up at a hotel. They were forced to sleep on the floor of the terminal. Heck of a way to start your honeymoon.

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A newlywed couple that saved a United Airlines flight from potential disaster after pointing out a fuel leak was left stranded by the airline.

Mike and Rachel Brumfield were on their way to their honeymoon in Venice from New Jersey on June 13 when they noticed fuel leaking from the edge of the plane’s left wing, the Daily Mail reported.

“I’m sitting looking out window at the wings, and all of a sudden fuel started shooting out of the wing really really hard,” Rachel Brumfield, 28, told the New York Post. “It was huge — it looked like a fire hose.”

Underneath a picture of his bride on the floor, Mike wrote:

My beautiful bride on our honeymoon. Thank you, United Airlines.

We saved your united flight 170 from possibly crashing into the Atlantic, you praised us saying you’d take GOOOOD care of us, then canceled the flight and disappeared.

We landed 11 hours ago. We’re stranded. Every hotel booked. And they have no idea where our luggage is and don’t seem to care.

We’re supposed to be in Venice right now, starting a romantic day. But, luckily, several united airlines employees have been super rude to us, so at least there’s that!!

United has had several extremely bad PR stories about them lately. You’d think they would not allow this to happen, especially to newlyweds that just saved them a lawsuit. The couple proceeded to book a Delta flight at the last minute. All they got from United was a food voucher. They slept on the floor of baggage claim until 7:30 a.m. when a fellow passenger gave them his hotel voucher. What’s even worse is that United Airlines has not even acknowledged the couple’s statement or what they did for them. Would it have killed them to help these kids? Shame on United.

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