Paralyzed Accident Victim Told By Woman Online He Deserved It – and He Gets A Famous Fan

Paralyzed Accident Victim Told By Woman Online He Deserved It – and He Gets A Famous Fan

Accidents are sad. Not all of them end with losing a life- some of them just end with losing life as you knew it. Such is the case of 17-year-old Henry Fraser, who dislocated 4 vertebrae in his neck when he dove into a shallow body of water. He is now paralyzed, and apparently, has garnered a pretty nasty hater online by the name of Laura:


Fraser told Mirror that he went through a “very dark time” after the accident, but he eventually discovered a new talent that turned things around— mouth painting.

While he’s gained acclamation from people all over the United Kingdom, he’s also experienced the cruelty of internet trollers.

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After sharing his tragic story, he received a nasty email from a woman by the name of Laura.

By nasty, I mean this lady is an absolute piece of human garbage. I hope she has faith, because she better pray to God for mercy on her soul. Below is her choice words for Henry:

And his response? Perfection:

Even though Fraser didn’t take her words to heart — in fact, he told her that his motivation now comes from her words — he did receive an outpour of support from an unexpected fan.

None other than J.K. Rowling responded to his tweet.

Wow. **mic drop** Looks like you certainly got yours, Laura. I hope nothing tragic ever happens to you, mostly because I am not a mean person, per say, but I would hate to think of you getting all your karma in the worst possible way. You should never talk to anyone the way you did to a kid who was involved in a diving accident that paralyzed him. If you think he doesn’t think of that every single day, and somehow your trashy email ‘enlightened him’ – well, honey, you have another think coming. Best of luck to you, and by the way? An apology is in order here.

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