Shots Ring Out In Celebratory Gunfire For A Couple’s Wedding- Then The Groom Drops Dead…

Shots Ring Out In Celebratory Gunfire For A Couple’s Wedding- Then The Groom Drops Dead…

A new bride is now a widow in this tragic story. Her groom was leading the wedding party to the bride’s home when a bullet struck him in the head, killing him instantly:


A groom has been killed after being struck in the head by a bullet fired by celebrating members of his wedding party in northern India.

Amit Rastogi, 28, died late Wednesday in Uttar Pradesh state while leading the party to his bride’s house, in the customary manner at Indian weddings.

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Police said the groom fell from his horse after being hit and was taken to hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Uma Shankar Singh, the investigating officer, said: ‘He was hit by a bullet in the head apparently fired by someone from the marriage party but we are looking at other angles, including murder.’

Although outlawed in India, celebratory firing at weddings and other events is common in the country, across South Asia and in other regions. However, fatalities are relatively few.

In February, an eight-year-old boy was killed in Shamli district when ruling political party workers fired shots to celebrate their victory in municipal elections.

Despite a crackdown on the tradition, many remain oblivious to the dangers of falling bullets which can plummet back down to earth at deadly speeds.

My heart is with this young bride as she mourns the loss of her new husband. I cannot begin to imagine her sorrow and pain during this difficult time. Perhaps this will spark tougher enforcement laws in India regarding gunfire – but I doubt it.

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