Star of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Reaches out to Howard Stern After He Says This About Israel…

Star of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Reaches out to Howard Stern After He Says This About Israel…

If you’re a celebrity who for whatever reason would like a swift kick in the mouth — figuratively speaking — all you need to do is go on a talk show and mention you support Israel. Because, why would you want to support Israel?
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The radically anti-Semitic left-wing nutjobs in this country will rally together and give you a verbal beating the likes of which you never imagined possible.

Shock jock extraordinaire Howard Stern discovered this the hard way after openly sharing support for the nation of Israel, which led to the radio host getting slammed all over the place by those oh-so-lovable purveyors of tolerance known as the loony left.

Well, it seems Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik is coming to Stern’s defense, reaching out to him via Twitter to arrange a time to discuss their “shared unfashionable views on Israel.”

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From TheBlaze:

On the heels of TheBlaze’s story on the latest pro-Israel comments from Howard Stern, a fellow celebrity reached out to the legendary shock jock Sunday to see if the pair can discuss their “shared unfashionable views on Israel.”

“Name a time,” Emmy-nominated actress Mayim Bialik tweeted to Stern. “Much respect.”

Bialik plays Amy Farrah Fowler in “The Big Bang Theory” and has been open about her Jewish faith and moral convictions, noting recently that it’s “never going to be trendy to be observant or religious in Hollywood circles.”

“There are people I know of faith and we tend to congregate together,” she told Fox411. “I study Jewish texts weekly. That’s something really positive to me when you’re a person of faith, it stays with you all the time.”

Stern, also Jewish, said this week he won’t retreat from his support of Israel, a position he said “isn’t fashionable.”

All I can say to that is אַ דאַנק – Thank you. Maybe more people will feel comfortable coming out and saying something, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum.

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