Teen Girl Is Injected With Meth & Raped Repeatedly

Teen Girl Is Injected With Meth & Raped Repeatedly

Two men and a woman have been arrested after they allegedly injected a 16-year-old with meth and forced her to engage in sex acts with them at a Missouri home. This is beyond disgusting and vile:


From the Daily Mail:

Christopher Bove, 29, Erika Oppeau, 33, and William Hope, 42, have all been charged in the horrific crime that police said occurred when the victim stayed with a family acquaintance in Wentzville over the weekend.

Police said all three adults injected the girl, who was from Florida, with meth at the home where Bove lived over the course of several days, incapacitating her with enough of the drug that she was unable to leave the home.

The victim said Bove forced her to have sex with him, Oppeau and Hope, who also molested her, police told the St Louis Post-Dispatch.

Oppeau also repeatedly injected the teen and performed unwanted oral sex on her and encouraged her to have sex with the men, authorities said.

She is also accused of forcing the girl to perform oral sex on her, according to WSMV.

How anyone could do this to a child is beyond me. These disgusting people deserve a long, slow death followed by burning in hell. Don’t worry, I am sure Satan has a special place reserved just for you twisted folks.

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