Teenager tells horrible story about sick things her boyfriend forced her to do

Teenager tells horrible story about sick things her boyfriend forced her to do

There are absolutely evil people in the world and without a doubt, I can declare Lee Lambert to be one of those people.

At 26, he began grooming 15 year-old girl Lauren Hughes, forcing her into sexual slavery and allowing at least 15 men to rape her.

The men would pay Lambert £168 and would be allowed to have sex with Hughes, which Lambert occasionally videotaped.

She remembers that one man even demeaned her by forcing her to wear a collar and “bark like a dog.”

Hughes met Lambert in 2013, when he texted her claiming he got her number from a group chat they were in. He claimed to be 21, saying he ran a nightclub in Liverpool and showered the teen with compliments. Like most grooming victims, she soon developed feelings for him and even thought that she “had found true love.”

Their “relationship” changed after Hughes saw a picture that he had taken of her uploaded to a site that advertised her for sex.

After seeing the profile online, police intervened. Unfortunately, Lambert only received a 3-year sentence for “controlling prostitution for gain and keeping a brothel,” but walked out after serving just one and a half years.

This story is eerily similar to that of Bethany Platt, another teen who was forced to become a sex slave when her much-older boyfriend began pimping her out. Platt’s story was made into a series which showed her life during her grooming and slavery.

While many complain that some scenes in the show are too graphic, it should be noted that watching it is absolutely nothing compared to going through something so painfully traumatizing at such a young age. Unfortunately, there are far too many teen girls who fall for the act and allow themselves to be set up for this kind of thing. I would say that a few scenes of discomfort is more than a fair price to pay to be able to recognize the warning signs. If I were the mother of a teen girl, I would want them to watch the story of Bethany Platt, because it’s a cautionary tale.

And if after that you still find it disturbing, then don’t watch it, but it may just save a young girl’s life.

H/T: The Daily Mail

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