The Family Forgot About Grandpa On Christmas Until He Did THIS [Watch]

The Family Forgot About Grandpa On Christmas Until He Did THIS [Watch]

Too often, we take our friends and especially family for granted. We assume there will be one more holiday, one more gathering, one more something…and sometimes, there just isn’t. This is a poignant reminder not to wait until it is too late:

sad man

Year after year he sat alone at Christmas with excuses from his family. When you see how he finally got his family together it’ll break your heart. What a powerful reminder, please don’t forget the older members of your family this Christmas season! Oh and grab your tissues for this EDEKA ad!

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The sad thing is that its so true. Some families only seem to come together when someone passes, or is getting married. Everyone will get old so we should never forget our loved ones just because they are getting on in life. Life is too short. Take the time to show you love someone today.

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