This Popular Canned Food Is Being Recalled Because It’s A Choking Hazard

This Popular Canned Food Is Being Recalled Because It’s A Choking Hazard

You probably grew up eating the famous Campbell’s canned food that is now facing a major recall. 355,000 cans of SpaghettiO’s are suspected to have been affected after small bits of plastic were found inside.


From Delish:

Uh oh.

Campbell Soup Company just issued a voluntary recall of 355,000 cans of its SpaghettiOs, after consumers complained that they had found small pieces of red plastic inside. The plastic apparently peeled off of the cans’ lining.

According to NBC News, the company said that the plastic was only affecting a “small number of cans” in the U.S., but that it could be a “potential choking hazard.” The cans affected are the 14.2 ounce size, and have the date February 22, 2017 stamped on the base.

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It’s been a long fall of recalls: Whole Foods recently pulled a number of products after a listeria scare, and prior to that, General Mills had a massive problem with green beans as well. But Campbell’s was excited over other news this week: company executives announced they were changing their chicken soup recipe. So much for celebration.

The company said that full refunds and exchanges would be offered.

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