Two-Timing Girlfriend Tests Both Her Boyfriends To See If They’ll Cheat – So BIZARRE! [VIDEO]

Two-Timing Girlfriend Tests Both Her Boyfriends To See If They’ll Cheat – So BIZARRE! [VIDEO]

The YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater is outrageously popular and allows suspicious mates to test their partner’s ability to remain faithful to them in the face of extreme temptation.

One episode took an ironic twist as a woman, who is clearly cheating on her boyfriends, tests them both to see if they are loyal to her. The results are so surprising that even the host of the show tells her that she needs help.

The young woman, who remained unnamed, admitted to dating two guys at the same time, saying that she is sleeping with both of them and they don’t know about each other. (Sounds to me like we already caught the cheater, but that’s none of my business.)

She decided to set them both up to see if they would remain loyal to her. Boyfriend Steve was waiting at a coffee shop when a gorgeous model who was brought in to tempt him into cheating decided to sit down next to him and start up a conversation. It didn’t take long for the man (who gave the model a fake name) to introduce the prospect of them getting drunk at his house. When she brought up “Netflix and chill,” he was more than willing.

The best part? He lied to her about having a girlfriend.

Before the test was over, he implied she was a prostitute (asking her if he needed to pay her for her time) and then asked for a kiss before the two parted ways.

The girlfriend watching this was in complete surprise, obviously expecting him to be the one who passed the test with flying colors.

Boyfriend Darnell, on the other hand, wasn’t having any of it. The model placed her hands over his eyes, pretending that he was someone she knew and she was sneaking up on him. When she “realized” that he wasn’t her “friend Mike,” she sat herself down and started talking.

Darnell was quick on the draw, stating that he was waiting for his girlfriend and that they were serious, having been together for three years.

The model does her best to tempt him and even got to the point that the girlfriend was telling her to “sit down, he doesn’t want you. He’s not interested.” Despite the fact that the girl asked for exactly this.

Darnell, having been in the military, is a pretty smart guy. He asked if someone had put the model up to this at one point in the test.

Despite the fact that Darnell was clearly the more loyal boyfriend, the girl was simply too hung up on Steve, who she says was “good in bed” and she didn’t “wanna give that up.”

Watch the episode below:

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