United Airlines Refuses To Let 10 Yr-Old Board Because She’s Wearing This

United Airlines Refuses To Let 10 Yr-Old Board Because She’s Wearing This

Of all the stupid… Okay, seriously? America, we’ve had to endure a lot of shenanigans lately, but I dare you to tell me that this doesn’t absolutely take the cake.

A 10 year-old girl was told to change out of her spandex leggings and into a dress, or else she wasn’t going to be allowed aboard a United Airlines flight.

A 10 year-old.

So much for “friendly skies” eh, gents?

I want it to be known that I’ve flown with passengers who have been showing a lot more than this girl and were allowed on their flights with no problem.

The outfit above was deemed inappropriate by a United gate agent who refused to let the girl on the plane until she changed.

Shannon Watts took to Twitter to ask the company what right they had to tell a 10 year-old, fully-clothed girl that she is dressed inappropriately.

United stood their ground.

Twitter users called the move “sexist” and “body shaming.”

The contract that United said gave the gate agent the ability to deny the girl access to the flight only mentions being barefoot and improperly dressed. I’d like that agent to tell me exactly how those leggings are improper. I wore similar items when I was her age and nobody told me it was inappropriate. Would that be because normal people don’t sexualize children?

The airline told The Daily Mail later that they were traveling as “guests of staff” and were “held to a more formal dresscode” which they claim is standard across other airlines.

Sounds like an excuse to me.

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