VIDEO: Guy goes off after catching his girlfriend cheating with his cousin

VIDEO: Guy goes off after catching his girlfriend cheating with his cousin

If you’ve been cheated on, like a lot of us have, you know that you have your own way of dealing with things. Some of us withdraw and just want to be left alone while we deal with our heartbreak. Some of us go out and celebrate our newfound freedom with a lot of alcohol and questionable decisions. Some of us get angry and start lashing out (I’ve seen Cheaters).

And then there is another group of people. They are the ones who whip out their mobile devices and start shaming their partners after being caught in the act.

So the story goes something like this.

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His girlfriend was supposed to be at church, because she’s apparently the youth director there. But instead of being at church, directing youth, she was at a motel sleeping with her boyfriend’s first cousin.

Somehow this fellow caught wind of her deceit and got to the hotel in time to catch the couple in her car. Naturally ashamed of her ways, she’s covering her face from the camera, but that doesn’t stop her (ex) boyfriend from going in on her and women like her.

Watch the video below:

He does have a valid point. A lot of women complain that they can’t find good men in this day and age, but are perfectly okay with acting like this. Women want men who will pay attention to them 24/7, buy them food, sympathize with their issues, treat them like a queen, etc., but when they find someone like that, they mess around on him because they think they’re “missing something.”

I’m not accusing this man of being a saint or anything. I don’t actually know anything about their relationship, except that she cheated on him and he wasn’t exactly happy about it. What I do know is that she did him REALLY dirty and he didn’t deserve that. If you’re not happy in your relationship, you need to communicate that with your partner. If your differences can’t be reconciled, then you need to make the decision to split up. But for the love of Mary, don’t cheat on the other person and certainly not with their cousin! That’s just wrong.

We live in a society that makes it easier than ever to cheat and a lot of people are God-awful at resisting temptation.

Let’s hope that he can find a nice lady who actually cares about him enough to not be walking garbage.

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