VIDEO – Parents Leave 4 Year-Old Girl With Pack Of Pit Bulls, Pit Bulls Rush In

VIDEO – Parents Leave 4 Year-Old Girl With Pack Of Pit Bulls, Pit Bulls Rush In

Many people fear pit bulls and sometimes with very good reason. They can be vicious and have a very bad reputation. But a lot of the time it’s due to training. And sometimes a breed can really surprise you. One woman wanted to make a point on how wonderful Pit Bulls can be if raised right. So, she let her four year-old daughter feed their six pets.

Each of the pit bulls were bigger and heavier than the little girl. But she had absolutely no fear of them whatsoever. They obeyed her commands perfectly as they encircled the child at meal time. The little girl’s mother recorded the whole event. She said it’s “feeding time” and tells the young girl to “go ahead and call them in there.” She does and then a wondrous sight ensued.

Once all six dogs were seated, the child grabs a plastic container and thanks each of the dogs by name for being so good and obeying her. None of the dogs rush in as the little girl spreads two buckets of kibble on the floor for them to eat. They wait patiently. She spread out the food so they would have plenty of space to eat.

The six dogs look towards the girl with anticipation when she turns to face them when she asks them, “Okay guys, are you ready? Are you guys hungry?” The child counts to three and then tells the dogs they can eat. The pack of dogs form a feeding circle, noisily chewing on the dried food pellets. “Six male pit bulls, some people say it could never be done,” the woman behind the camera said. “They live and eat together. We are a family. That was a four-year-old, who was able to tell those dogs what to do and when to do it.” She ends off by saying, “Love your pit bull.”

It really is an adorable video. You can tell the dogs love the little girl. Any dog can be a good dog or dangerous, depending on how they are brought up and trained. I choose to believe most dogs are inherently good and innocent. When you see one that is vicious, it’s usually because they have a vicious human training them to be that way.

These are obviously well-trained, loving dogs. I’m not sure I would ever have that many, but I love dogs. The little girl loves her pit bulls just as her mom does. And they love them right back. They are truly part of the family and for a change we get a happy ending.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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