[VIDEO] SPOTTED: The Elusive Snow Leopard! Can You ‘Spot’ Him?

[VIDEO] SPOTTED: The Elusive Snow Leopard! Can You ‘Spot’ Him?

Much like the old school Highlights Magazines where we would search for lost objects hidden in a picture, today we have a real life picture searchfor the beautiful -and elusive- snow leopard:


These are the amazing scenes where a wildlife photographer managed to capture images of an elusive snow leopard hunting bharal blue sheep in the Indian Himalayas.

Inger Vandyke, from Australia was on a 17-day trek in the mountains as part of the expedition to try and take photographs of snow leopards in the wild.

She went on the trip along with British expert Mark Beaman and a team of local guides to see if they could find the incredibly rare animals.

‘Snow leopards camouflage themselves so well in their landscape that they can turn their back on you and literally disappear into their landscape.

‘When I look back at my photographs I often wonder how many we might have walked past in the field and simply didn’t see them.’

Ms Vandyke told GrindTV that without the assistance of locals in Ladakhi, herself and her travelling companion would never have been able to see the snow leopards.

She said the animals simply disappeared from view if you lost sight of them for a split second.

She said: The Ladakhis are incredible in this way. Some of spotted snow leopards, then tried to point them out to us and it took us several minutes to train our vision to see them.

And, in case you didn’t find him, here he is:


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