[VIDEO] Surf’s Up, DUDE! Baby Born to Surfer Who Lost Arm in 2003

[VIDEO] Surf’s Up, DUDE! Baby Born to Surfer Who Lost Arm in 2003

As always new baby announcements often elicit ‘AWWWWWWWW’ and cooing over the cute little hands, feet, and of course, the tiny toes. Bethany Hamilton has given birth to her new baby, and boy oh BOY, is Tobias ADORABLE:


Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton took to social media Monday to introduce the world to her newborn son Tobias.

Hamilton, who lost her left arm in a shark attack in 2003, gave birth on June 1.

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“Blessed to welcome our son, Tobias, into the world,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “He is named after his great grandpa Tobias meaning ‘The goodness of God.'”

Hamilton, 25, said she and her husband Adam Dirks, are already “so in love with our little guy and are stoked to share life with him.”

The couple announced their pregnancy in a YouTube video on Feb. 10. Hamilton acknowledged she was nervous about the challenge of having only one arm and caring for her child.

“I often forget that I have one arm, but when I think about a squirming baby, changing the diaper and just me and this squirmy baby,” she said. “It could be really challenging.”

While it may be hard at first, Hamilton said she is used to adjusting and adapting to things, and having a baby will be no different.

“It’s going to be an adventure for us,” Dirks said.

Congratulations on your new little bundle of beautiful joy! I am sure that any challenge you might face with a newborn will be overcome as you have in the past. Oh, and mom to mom? Take that nap when the baby sleeps like they say- you’ll want the reserve for the sleepless teenage nights.

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