VIDEO: Trust Issues — Girl Comes Home During Her Lunch Break To See If Her Man’s Cheating

VIDEO: Trust Issues — Girl Comes Home During Her Lunch Break To See If Her Man’s Cheating

This is the epitome of trust issues. I do not understand couples like this. You are supposed to love and trust one another. A woman came home from work unannounced during her lunch break at work to check to see if her boyfriend was cheating on her. Who does something like that? I guess she was hoping to catch them in the act. Then what would she do? Nothing good probably. As you can probably imagine, this relationship doesn’t seem to be in the best of shape. In fact, I would say it’s not long for this world.

“What are you doing?” The boyfriend asks as she walks in the room. She nonchalantly walks around, looking for the alleged woman that is locking lips (or hips, am I right?) with her man. “Who was in here?” She says, very accusatory, evidently looking for a confrontation. “Ain’t nobody in here,” he responds – although to me it sounds more like petulant whining. Which probably made her think someone had definitely been in there. Wow, the paranoia on this one is crazy bad. No wonder people are terrified of relationships. These two are the epitome of dysfunctional. Not to mention this woman needs serious counseling and he probably does too.

She walks around some more and asks, “Why was the top lock locked?” This woman is seriously deranged. She takes jealousy to a whole new level of cray cray. “It’s always locked,” the boyfriend answers, which is probably not factual. “No it’s not!” she replied, frustrated and getting angrier by the second. I wonder if he’s just messing with her head. Well, that settles it. This woman is the second coming of Sherlock Holmes. This guy needs to find another girlfriend, stat and vice versa. It’s situations like this that can turn violent on the drop of a dime. When they get past the bickering and pointing fingers, it usually graduates to something more lethal.

What more is there to say about this video? It’s really very pathetic. We don’t have the full story. Maybe this guy has cheated on her in the past. That’s definitely a possibility, in fact… likely. But then why would she still be with him? I guess some women are suckers for deadbeats. Maybe one of her friends suspected something was up and tipped her off. I mean, it is the middle of the day. Does this guy not have a job? Or maybe it’s the weekend and she is working and he is not. The possibilities are endless. The one thing that sticks out though, is the lack of respect they both seem to have for each other. These don’t seem like good people. They certainly aren’t good for one another.

“Why you not at work?” He asks, flipping the script on her, because he’s always the victim no doubt. “I’m on my break,” she says. “So you came home to bother me?” He asks. Wow, feel the love in that reply. It seems like she mumbles, “I don’t know,” or something like that. “So what are you doing?” the man asks as she is looking through things on the dresser, presumably to find something that she doesn’t recognize. This doesn’t seem like a good relationship at all. The level of mistrust is astounding, on both sides here. The writing seems to be on the wall for this couple. It probably was from the beginning.

“The s**t I gotta go through.” The man says, like he is suffering from the worst relationship known to mankind. Like he’s put upon. News flash dude, she is not the one for you and you are not a victim. She’s not your slave either. There is a reason he wanted to film the encounter, I presume. He probably wanted to put it on the web to humiliate her in one way or another. It probably comes from somewhere deep… well, as deep as he gets anyway. He doesn’t trust her, she doesn’t trust him, it’s only a matter of time before it’s over. He may as well make some money off of the ad revenue you will get for uploading this encounter. And then he needs to get off his ass and get a job.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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