When this man found out who his daughter was dating, he did something that got him sent to prison

When this man found out who his daughter was dating, he did something that got him sent to prison

I am the first to admit I am NEVER Happy with who my daughter chooses to date. This dad just went to far when he found out who his baby girl was SECRETLY seeing:


Anthony Osmond, 52, sent messages to his daughter Oasis’ new boyfriend Gareth Jones saying, ‘you’re dead’ and was described as ‘obsessed’ and ‘over-protective’ at Swansea Crown Court.

A jury heard how Osmond stabbed Mr Jones, 29, in the heart with a six-inch long kitchen knife following a confrontation at a pub local to the pair in Abercych, Pembrokeshire. Mr Jones required emergency surgery but survived.

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‘Osmond was over protective and obsessed with Oasis,’ said prosecutor Helen Randall.

‘She worked as barmaid at the Nags Head pub and formed a relationship with Mr Jones who was a customer.’

Oasis, 20, and her boyfriend kept the relationship secret at first because of Osmond’s attitude.

When Osmond found out, he confronted Mr Jones at the Nags Head pub, and stabbed him. Surgeons at Morriston Hospital in Swansea were able to repair the cut to his heart while Osmond was arrested crossing the Severn Bridge to flee to England by police.

Osmond admitted unlawful wounding and was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

An over-protective father is hardly news – in fact, we could use more like him in the world instead of letting our young women run around with no one looking out for them. But for him to stab his daughter’s new boyfriend in the heart because he didn’t approve of him is just a whole other level of crazy.

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