Woman Marries Herself In Elaborate Wedding Complete With Tears Of Joy

Woman Marries Herself In Elaborate Wedding Complete With Tears Of Joy

Oh honey, this is either really inspiring or really sad. I haven’t decided yet which it is, but by the time we reach the end here, I’m sure we’ll have an answer.

Have you been or known someone that has always been the bridesmaid? Have you or they ever expressed just how desirous yours or their own wedding would be? Well, this Italian fitness instructor was just that person, in a different kind of way though…

Anyways, after looking for 40 years for a potential partner that would whisk her away into martial bliss, it never happened. So, she decided to do something drastic to remedy the situation – she married herself. If you are wondering whether marrying yourself is even possible, trust me, we humans have found a way to marry same sexes, to marry animals and even marry the ocean. Surely our sad pathetic minds could think this one up as well.

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The ‘newlywed’ is Laura Mesi, as she threw herself a wedding that had around 70 of her closest friends and family that would support her. Oh, and she went all out. We are talking a white dress, a row of bridesmaids and even the crown jewel of the event – the ring. The whole shindig cost the 40 year-old over $11,000 for the ceremony including the honeymoon for one to Egypt – I hear it’s just perfectly dusty this time of year.

Now of course this wedding was not legally binding, but whatever! Let’s blow $11,000 on a delusional pity party! Fake smiles everyone!

The whole ceremony took place in Lissone, Lombardy, where Ms. Mesi was in a white dress, was able to walk down the aisle and also did the cutting of the cake, adorned with a single, solitary, by itself…figurine.

This all started when she promised herself that if she reached the age of 40 and no one proposed to her, she would marry herself. This came in handy you see, when her boyfriend of 12 years decided to part ways with her. Ouch. And that is why you do NOT get into a long term relationship unless both of you know what to expect in the future. Ladies don’t waste your life away waiting on a boy to grow up and be a man. Drop him first.

“I told friends and family that if I had not found my soul-mate by my 40th birthday I would marry myself. If one day I find a man with whom I can plan a future I’ll be happy, but my happiness does not depend on him. This is my fairytale wedding – only without a Prince Charming.”

That she did…that she did.

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