Woman saves $30,000 in 8 months by eating out of the TRASH allowing her to travel the world

Woman saves $30,000 in 8 months by eating out of the TRASH allowing her to travel the world

A thrifty woman has disclosed how she saved $30,000 in just eight months. The trick? She ate her lunch out of the garbage.

Amanda Holden is a 32 year-old from Portland, Oregon, and was able to quit her finance job and travel for a year by eating the leftovers of her bewildered coworkers, who gave her the aptly named label of Dumpster Dog.

While dieting on her throwaway scraps, she also cut out a large portion of her social life spending and other areas of her life until she had enough money to hand in her notice and fly off to Latin America.

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Now she explains all about her finances through her facetious blog, aptly named Dumpster Dog Blog.

Amanda wrote:

‘I worked at an office with lots of dudes so there was always extra food. I ate their left overs. In approaching this challenge, I was very self-deprecating and using my humour.’

‘I told my close friends at work. I talked about it openly and most people embraced it. There were some times when I couldn’t find any scraps to and I would have to buy food. I would never go hungry. It wasn’t about hurting myself, I was just doing everything I could. If someone is going to eat half a pizza, I would just ask them to toss it over.’

‘When I gave my boss my two weeks notice, he took a minute, then looked at me with a wonky eye and asked if that was why I was eating trash and why I was called the dumpster dog. He said he’d seen me pull a half eaten burrito from the trash. We had a laugh about it, I was always full of antics.’

At 27 years-old, Amanda was a loser with no savings and in desperate need of a career change.

She said:

‘In my twenties, I wasn’t very careful with money. I wanted to reassess but I had no savings, apart from my pension plan, I had nothing else to speak off. No emergency funds. I was having a lot of fun, going out every night but it’s not something you can sustain.’

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