Woman searches for boy who left shocking items at her door [VIDEO]

Woman searches for boy who left shocking items at her door [VIDEO]

This breaks your heart. A woman in Lakewood, Washington, had her butterfly wind chimes stolen off her front porch. Then she found a note and $5 left at her door. The note was from a little boy who said his mom had died and his sister took the chimes to hang by his window because she knows he loves butterflies. He said it was all the money he had and to please not be mad at him. That brought the woman to tears and she posted to Facebook that she wanted to give his money back and give his sister of set of chimes too.

Sometimes life deals a very cruel hand, especially to the young who aren’t braced for loss. This woman lost her mom as well when she was five years-old, so she knows how alone, sad and scared that little boy feels. I hope she is able to connect with their family and help ease the pain they are going through. I’m sure his sister did it out of love for her brother.


From Fox 28:

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LAKEWOOD, Wash. — A Washington woman wants to find the young man who left an apology note at her door with $5 in it.

The note read:

I am sorry that we stole your windchimes our mom died and liked butterflies so my sister took it and put it by our window I am sorry this is only money I have please do not be mad at us. -Jake

The woman, Chrissy Marie, told KCPQ she’s not and wants to find Jake to return his $5.

She posted a message on Facebook with hopes others would help her connect with his family.

In it, she said she had three windchimes and wanted to give her sister one as well, “so both of you have your own.”

“Well Jake, I’m not sure who you are but you can come get your money back sweetie. I had 3 of those windchimes,” Chrissy wrote on Facebook.

Marie told KCPQ she knows how difficult it is to lose a parent as a child. She said she lost her mother when she was five.

We all deal with grief differently. For a child, they just don’t know where to turn when they lose a parent. It’s a situation that adults have trouble dealing with, much less a young child. This woman doesn’t want to embarrass or scare the boy away, she just wants to give his money back and try and help. She sounds like a very good person.

I never knew my mom, but when I lost my father later in life, it spun me into a grief so deep and dark, I pray I never go there again. I hope these children are able to move on… I’m sure it is what their mother would have wanted. And with the kindness of strangers like this woman, it will get easier. It won’t ever leave them, but they’ll learn to live with it and to go on to have great lives.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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