Woman Shocked by Alleged Behavior of Red Cross After She Brought 400 Burgers for Harvey Victims

Woman Shocked by Alleged Behavior of Red Cross After She Brought 400 Burgers for Harvey Victims

A woman in Texas was shocked by the behavior of two Red Cross workers when she tried to bring 400 hamburgers to victims of Hurricane Harvey at the Jack Brooks Regional Airport in Nederland, Texas. Lindsey Scott, claims a disaster relief team with the Red Cross “accosted” and “berated” her for bringing the food. If the alleged incident is true, this is just deplorable behavior by these workers and the Red Cross should address it immediately.

This was a husband and wife team that are with the Red Cross. They laid into Lindsey because they said that the evacuees had “already had a sandwich.” They had one sandwich in 24 hours. What Lindsey was doing was a godsend for these people. I can’t believe anyone would find fault with that. The dynamic duo then proceeded to try and put the warm, ready-to-eat burgers in ice chests. Idiots. The pilot of the aircraft that had brought the food for people and who had donated his time, fuel, money and plane was horrified that they couldn’t be served to the people there. He was volunteering himself to help serve the food.

At this point Lindsey did not know what to say and was very close to tears over all this. The couple told her she did not know what she was doing and they had not seen her volunteering. Lindsey is pregnant and was so taken aback by the attack she had no words to fight back.

In the end, Lindsey put on Facebook that she was just thankful she’s from Texas. She closed by saying this: “One thing I learned from this is THANK GOD I’m from TEXAS. Our men may spit, smoke, dip, cuss, and drink from time to time…but when the shit hits the fan, our husbands, brothers, dads, uncles, cousins, sons, and all the other men we know put on their boots, waders and get their boats and trucks and go to work! They aren’t afraid to get dirty or work long hours in the dark. They aren’t afraid of a little water, or snakes, or dogs that aren’t kenneled. They are strong enough to carry you out of your home and they can deal with being hungry, wet, cold, and tired (they deal with this sitting in deer and duck blinds half the year). They have the know how to save your animals (horses, cows, etc) and they WON’T QUIT until the work is done. And our community will answer the call to donate, collect and distribute supplies and food wherever it’s needed. I won’t be waiting on the Red Cross.”

That is true Texan spirit there. They don’t depend on government services. Texans tend to depend on themselves and that’s a good thing because services such as FEMA and the Red Cross at times do more harm than good. And sometimes they just aren’t there when you need them. It’s just a pity all that food was brought in and because someone was on a power trip, they wouldn’t give it to those that sure could have used a hot meal. Shame on them.

You can read Lindsey’s full post below. I hope that the Red Cross answers on this. They have some explaining to do and an investigation to conduct. They certainly don’t need people like that in disaster relief. People are already shell-shocked. They need help, hot food, water and kindness. Not someone who is ‘in charge’. SMH.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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