World’s Worst First Tinder Date Ends With Woman Getting Stuck Trying To Retrieve Poo Bag

World’s Worst First Tinder Date Ends With Woman Getting Stuck Trying To Retrieve Poo Bag

Well, this is certainly gross and a hell of a way to spend your first date. A guy met a gal on Tinder. They had a lovely dinner together. Then they went to his place to watch a video. About an hour into it, his date had to go potty and went to the bathroom. That’s where things went from bad to worse. I believe this is in Britain somewhere.

She evidently had to poo and the toilet would not flush. So, not wanting to embarrass herself and having a faulty logic process, she decided to dispose of the feces out the window into the garden after bagging it. Except when she did, she somehow missed the fact that it was a double pane window that only opened into the gap between the two panes. The poo dropped down that gap. Now, in a panic… she went to her date and told him what had happened. Then they came up with a plan. A really stupid one, but a plan nonetheless.

Romeo was originally going to break the window with a hammer and chisel. But Juliette (these aren’t their real names as they are anonymous with good reason) decided that since she was a bit of a gymnast, she could reach the bag of poo and pull it out. At first, she couldn’t, but finally, Romeo lifted her up and she was hanging upside down between the panes. Voila! She could reach the bag of poo, which she handed up to Romeo. He then tried to pull her out and you guessed it… she was stuck. Really stuck.

For about fifteen minutes he pondered the situation and since he was beginning to worry about her health (I would hope so), he decided to call firefighters for help. They arrived and busted out the window to free her. I imagine she was mortified and incredibly grateful that they had gotten her out of there. The heroes then went on to their next call.

In the end, Romeo and his new girlfriend (if their relationship can withstand that incident, I think it will last for a while) set up a GoFundMe account and went about trying to raise the £200 to fix the window. It will probably cost more than £300 to fix, which is his entire budget for the month. Hopefully before the landlord finds out and kills him or evicts him. Not to worry, so far he has raised £905 of the £200 goal. The guy has vowed to split the excess between two charities… one for flushable toilets for third world countries and one for firefighters.

So, the tale has a happy ending. But I would suggest not ever doing that again. Just ewwww.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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