Young Boy Kills Himself After Hearing His Girlfriend Died – But It Was A CRUEL Prank…

Young Boy Kills Himself After Hearing His Girlfriend Died – But It Was A CRUEL Prank…

New details are being revealed about the tragic suicide of an 11 year-old boy in Michigan. It is a sad sick story that demonstrates how dangerous the culture of millennials has become. Selfishness mixed with a little bit of trickster and desire for social media fame, killed this pre-teen.

Tysen Benz’s mother Katrina Goss said that her son died after falling prey to a ‘manipulative’ prank created by his 13 year-old girlfriend.

‘She did a prank that made it look like she killed herself and used other friends and their social media accounts to make it look like she killed herself,’ Goss told the New York Post. ‘So, he believed her and said, “I’m going to kill myself.”‘

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Goss walked in on her son, Tysen, while he was trying to hang himself on March 14th, but unfortunately it was too late. Tysen had been on life support for many weeks, but passed away on Tuesday at a hospital in Ann Arbor.

The girlfriend’s name isn’t being revealed because she is a minor.

Goss says her son was successful, thriving and happy. She thought things started to go wrong when he bought a cellphone from a friend behind her back and started ‘secretly dating’ an older girl against her wishes.

Goss said she never met the girl, who other students called his girlfriend. She did see her several times while picking up and dropping off her son at Bothwell Middle School. No one knows why the teen would concoct such a ‘controlling, harassing and manipulative’ prank against her boyfriend.

‘I’m quite angry,’ Goss said. ‘I feel like, yeah, they’re young and all that, but I feel like when you’re 13, you’re completely knowledgeable of your choices and you know right from wrong. You can make your own choices. I do feel like she took advantage of a younger boy to control and manipulate him. I don’t feel like it should be taken lightly. She should be held legally responsible for this horrific prank.’

The mom is hoping that the girl will be tried as an adult, but authorities are still gathering information, so no charges have been handed down yet.

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