10 Year Anniversary Post: The Best Of 10 Years Of RWN Humor

I started Right Wing News back in January of 2001 and as of the first of this year, I’ve been running the page for 10 long years. During that time, I’ve pumped out a lot of great content and I’m going to be posting a little of the “best of” material this month. Today will be the “best of” RWN’s humor. Enjoy it, because I don’t do much of it these days. =D

Politically Correct Fairy Tales: Fairy tales for our modern age.

The Ultimate Karl Rove T-Shirt: I wonder if I could talk Rove into making this t-shirt?

The RWN Real-Estate Sale: If I ever decided to give up politics, I do have another career option.

John Hawkins’ Guide to Child Care: The First Two Months: All the people who don’t have children will love this, but the rest of you? Not so sure!

French Army to Market ‘Ultimate Surrender’ Video Game: Sure, everybody makes fun of the French for surrendering. There’s a reason for that: It’s funny!

Things to remember when dating geeks, nerds, dorks, and various other socially challenged guys: I didn’t write this, the name of the author got left of somehow, and I’ve forgotten who wrote the post, but I do remember that it got linked a lot back in the day.

Pre-Relationship Agreement: This is another decade old piece I didn’t write. Great piece though.

If Planned Parenthood Wrote The Next Harry Potter Book…: I think we have time for one more Harry Potter sequel.

The Bono Interview: I’ve actually had news organizations contact me and ask to republish this.

The BKW Guide to Anti-Americanism: Some things change, but anti-Americanism stays the same.

The Saddam Hussein Fan Club: I did get a couple of emails from people who thought this was real. Yes, really.

Tasmanian Devils. Man’s New Best Friend?: If Tasmanian Devils ever become hot pets, I think this article deserves the credit.

Liberals On The High Seas: If liberals were in charge, this is how the military would work.

Internet Pranks (Yes, all of these are real.)

The Persistent Spammer: This guy DESPERATELY wanted me in on his multi-level-marketing scheme.

I Am A Paecemaker! Peace Is My Gun!: I pretended to be Iraqi and pranked a Brazilian radio host.

An Internet Chat Prank: The Chicken Of Seeing: Pranking a Facebook scammer — this is my fave chat prank.

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