Another Leftist CAUGHT in FAKE Trump-Hate News Story [VIDEO]

Another Leftist CAUGHT in FAKE Trump-Hate News Story [VIDEO]

Angry Democrats, liberals and #NeverTrumpers keep getting caught in their absolutely fake “Trump Hate” news stories. This is another pea in the pod of stupidity from the leftist party who is still butt-hurt and hell-bent on shaming Trump before he takes office.

That’s what happens when you pick a poor Democrat candidate that not even your own party supports. You lose.

Since losing the election, there’s been a ton of FAKE news stories that blame Trump supporters for a crime or for hurting someone’s feelings.

Sarah Harvard works for and requested stories from anyone who experienced hate from a Trump supporter. Right away, she was sent a fake story.

She posted it and people ran with it.

Typical leftist nonsense.


Here’s what someone sent to Sarah Harvard who is responsible for posting this and sending it into a mini-frenzy. That someone is actually a Trump supporter who sent in the fake story to see if Sarah Harvard would be the irresponsible leftist who posts a nonsense story without getting any real information.

And she did.


I was leaving Starbucks when i got bumped at the door by a trump supporter. I ended spilling latte on myself but he gave me the glare like I did wrong. I said “you can at least say sorry” and he replied “just walk away and be lucky that coffee is the only thing of yours that spills. you shouldn’t even be in this country, and you wont be for long”. He must have thought I was Mexican because I am dark, but I am Native American. I told him so and that we were actually here first. His reply was “doesn’t matter. white is right” and pushed by me.

I went to her Twitter page to gather more information on this story and found that she is calling out another website because they wrote an article about banning the Muslim burqa. She mentioned anti-Muslim hate crimes, yet she’s Tweeting fake stories about Trump supporters? For one, you don’t ever hear about anti-Muslim hate crimes. If you do, it’s very rare. It’s actually the opposite where Muslims are committing the crimes. And, the burqa should be banned from America because it does not allow you to identify the person behind it. People who are not Muslim could exploit this, rob a bank and then people would be looking at Muslims like they robbed a bank. Banning it would protect them from being accused of crimes they didn’t commit.

Sarah likes to tweet extreme leftist nonsense. Typical leftist behavior.

I don’t know her or haven’t heard of her until now. She’s still a nobody who seems to dislike white people and must be one of those safe space babies.

She’s verified on Twitter, but barely gets any interactions.


Here’s the YouTube star and Trump supporter who sent the fake story and made Sarah Harvard and look like idiots.

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