Bacon Can Boost Baby Intelligence. Is There Nothing It Can’t Do?

Can we branch bacon off into its own food group?

The traditional English breakfast is not normally associated with good health.

But scientists have found that eating a plate of bacon and eggs could help pregnant women boost the intelligence of their unborn child.

But the new study suggests that a chemical in pork products and eggs can help the baby’s growing brain to develop.

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Scientists at the University of North Carolina have discovered that the micronutrient, called choline, is vital in helping babies in the womb develop parts of their brains linked to memory and recall.

Choline might be able to protect against heart problems. Something not usually associated with bacon.

Now we know what liberals have been losing their minds over the past few decades: their nannies are denying them bacon.

Of course, our little buddies who supply that delicious and life saving delicacy are bad for global warming. You knew I had to get AGW in there somehow. BTW, try doing a Google search for “pigs global warming.” One of the related searches is “Al Gore Global Warming.” 🙂

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