Beachgoers Never Thought Bikini-Clad Girl Would Do THIS… [VIDEO]

Beachgoers Never Thought Bikini-Clad Girl Would Do THIS… [VIDEO]

Has the week already sucked? Do you need to escape from reality for a few minutes?

If so, boy do we have a remedy for you. It may not be as adorable as a fuzzy kitten begging for tummy rubs, but it is pretty funny, if you’re into crass humor!


From AWM:

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If a hot girl goes up to a single guy at the beach and asks him to rub lotion on her back, chances are he’s going to say yes. For these poor unwitting saps, this turned out to be a pretty bad decision. But for us it is hilarious!

This cute blonde girl goes up to a very trendy-looking dude in a tank top and asks him to rub some lotion on her back. Obviously he says yes, but then he saw something that he couldn’t believe.

“Looks like you have a little stain on your bathing suit..” the guy mentions, pretty casually given the situation. “Yeah it’s a little brown stain. You might want to go take a swim!” Not a bad first reaction, right?

Then it’s a random girls turn, but she doesn’t even give it a second look. Just one glance and she was out of there but who could blame her?

The best reaction is definitely the guy who agreed to try and wipe it off.. like come on man! Have some self-respect! But hey, I guess he’s just trying to help her out.

Check out the video below for even more ridiculous reactions to this girl’s stained bikini bottoms – they won’t disappoint.

Watch the video below:

While I would never actually do this for the laughs, it was pretty funny to watch! People react WAY differently when confronted with awkward situations.

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