Brothers Convince Their Sister Zombies Are After Her – Results? HILARIOUS!

Brothers Convince Their Sister Zombies Are After Her – Results? HILARIOUS!

An important part of having a sibling is messing with them. Pulling pranks or having fun at their expense is just something siblings do. However, two brothers pulled an incredibly cruel (but hilarious) prank on their sister and thankfully, they have shared the video so that we may enjoy it as well.


From US Magazine:

Oh, brother! Two brothers convinced their younger sister that the zombie apocalypse was happening as they picked her up from the dentist after she had her wisdom teeth removed.

In the hilarious video, Millicent Phillips — who was still under the influence of medication used during the dental procedure — looks confused when a faux Centers for Disease Control alert comes over the radio, alerting listeners that people in the area are being affected by a viral outbreak characterized by “high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism.”

Millicent attempts to understand what is going on as her brothers Hudson and Barrett begin to give her miscellaneous items to help protect herself.

“What is this supposed to do for me? Get me a knife. How am I supposed to defend myself?” their sister asks them after they hand her a device to pick up garbage.

“We can only take one pet — the cat or the dog?” one of her brothers asks her.

“The cat! You idiot!” Millicent yells at him with a mouth full of cotton. “[The dog’s] the worst. He’s already dying. Leave him! Get the cat.”

Millie chose the cat. “The cat, you idiot!” @millicentcp1@cabot_phillips @barrettphillips

— Hudson Phillips (@hcphillips2) April 12, 2016

Millicent’s brothers then tell her they will have to meet the rest of their family in Mexico, and ask if her Spanish from high school is still good.

“I can say pants,” she tells them.

When they ask her if they should go to Costco first, Millicent surprisingly has a point: “No, it’s gonna be a bloodbath in there.”

“Not proud of the pain I caused my sister,” her brother tweeted after the fact. “But this was totally worth it.”

The video is hilarious, but damn, it sure was mean!

Hopefully, Millicent is working this very moment on a way to get back at them. And hopefully she will share any video of the payback.

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