Dog Goes for Walk, Unintentionally Runs Half-Marathon. But It’s How He Placed That Has EVERYONE Talking About It.

You’re not supposed to let your dog walk off the leash. The dog might embarrass the humans.

A casual stroll snowballed into a 13.1-mile commitment for Ludivine.

Though it’s worth noting that Ludivine is a dog.

According to 9News, the bloodhound was let out by her owner on Jan. 16 when she came across the Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon near her home in Elkmont, Alabama. Her curiosity landed her in the middle of the action, running the entire length of the race to finish in seventh place with a time of one hour and just under 33 minutes.

The best part? Her owner, April Hamlin, only found out when she began receiving photos of her canine sporting a medal at the finish line.

That’s a pretty focused dog. Mrs. Hamlin probably ought to shop Ludivine around as a personal trainer.

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