Friday Awesome: Google Earth Pwnd By “Dead” Girl

How ’bout something a little more humorous for a Friday morning, as opposed to hard edged politics? Besides, we all all know that Obama will take a vacation, Joe Biden will say something incredibly inane, Harry Reid will find a way to lower his approval rating, and liberals will take sides with Islamists. Whoops! Anyhow

A SCHOOLGIRL playing a prank on her friend by pretending to be dead in the street started a world-wide panic when she was caught on-camera by Google.

Azura Beebeejaun, nine, had no idea that Google was logging the details of her street for the internet when she lay at the side of the road pretending to be dead. Among the first to see her face down sprawled over the pavement were neighbours, anxious to see their homes pictured on the internet for the first time.

Browsing the pictures of Middle Road, Worcester, locals immediately thought that Google might have detected a crime or at least a serious accident. Other web devotees of Google Earth across the world soon zoomed in on the “lifeless” brown-haired girl in a pink patterned dress.

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Azura, now 10, said yesterday: “I didn’t know anything about the Google Street View car.

“I heard a car go past me but had no idea I was having my picture taken, I was just playing a joke on my friend.” She added: “I’m chuffed about being on the internet. It is quite funny and I can’t wait to tell my mates in school.”

Heh heh!

And, oh, if you want some more awesome, check out this montage video of troops returning home.

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