GAH!!! A Witch!!!

John Hawkins:: Hello it is me to talk to you =]

True_Heart:: Who are you? ‘Ѥ’;

John Hawkins:: I am Archfend and I am wanting to chat with English is bad tho =( You are an artist? ‘Ѥ’;

True_Heart:: My English is bad too…’Ф’

John Hawkins:: Ahhhhh….’Ф’ that is an evil eye symbol in my country yes? Are you the…how do you say? Witch person?

True_Heart:: I’m Korean… ‘Ф’that is crying symbol in my country,,

John Hawkins:: It is? =( =( =( are you making someone cry with a spell?

True_Heart:: No…..

John Hawkins:: Oh =( Good…that would be a bad thing if you did that

True_Heart:: What’s your language?

John Hawkins:: Faerie – I am from Faeroe islands….Your English is so good? Did u learn from books and things?

True_Heart:: Sometime…….

True_Heart:: ‘ȳ’~that’s my language. (hi)

John Hawkins:: It is beautiful…how did you get taught spells like that? Are there many witches where u are from?

True_Heart:: I am Korean

True_Heart:: ^^

John Hawkins:: Is that an evil eye? I am sorry =( Do not be mad….They burn witches here but I have never thought that was right.

True_Heart:: That’s ok… ^^ that is smile~!!!!

John Hawkins:: You are good witch then like Glenda from wizard of OZ!!!!! How do you make like love potions? Can u show me more symbols?

True_Heart:: Ok~! ^.^ smile *^.^* face…. ”-.-;;;

True_Heart:: ‘Ѥ’;;

True_Heart:: +.+

True_Heart:: ‘̤’ cry..

John Hawkins:: The eyes of the devil? PLEASE TAKE IT BACK…PLEASE

True_Heart:: ‘Ѥ’; That’s not evil….

John Hawkins:: It is eyes of devil..the symbol witches make before they eat babies in my country.

True_Heart:: Really??? That’s where do you live in now?

John Hawkins:: Ya once I was mean to witch and she made big toe fall off 2 weeks later..promise! Faeroe island…witches get babies here..leave door open and witch come in and take baby and eat it with satan and take all your bread but leave your meat so u cannot make sandwich…witches are like that…I hope you are nice one PLEASE!!

True_Heart:: Don’t worry~ I’m good person..”””(hahaha)

John Hawkins:: =( How do u fly on broomstick? Witches know how..I tried to jump from roof with one but broke my arm last year =(

True_Heart:: Oh my God~! we are not witch.. so you can’t fly~!

John Hawkins:: It hurt a lot when I fells =( I know I am not witch but u are so how do you fly?

True_Heart:: I’m not witch man~! What are you talking about~!

John Hawkins:: But u know magic witch symbols and Korea means “Devil house” in faerie which is languages we speak on my island.

True_Heart:: What? Evil house?

John Hawkins:: Ya u say u live in Korea which is house of devil and u know evil witch magic symbols…I feel sorry for witches because they always have big warts on nose and broomstick must be uncomfortable to fly on and everyone want to burn you for being witch!!! Can you cast spell on my friend Ozrael? Make him fall down and twitch on ground for while? That will teach him!

True_Heart:: God.. u r evil.. I not a witch. and Korea is angel country~!

John Hawkins:: I am not evil!!!!!!! Hey there is beautiful girl that I know…how I make magic potion to control her webcam so I can see her thru computers!!! That good witch spell!!!

True_Heart:: That’s suck. I don’t want talk to you any more. your land is evil land~!!! sh*t~!

John Hawkins:: YA!! Tell me how to train to be witch!! I will do what u tell me..u my dark mistress

John Hawkins:: DO not Be MAD at me!!! I will sacrifice cat if u just say the word and a CHICKEN TOO!!!!

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