Hustler Disrespecting Judge Judy Got The Best Beat Down Ever

Hustler Disrespecting Judge Judy Got The Best Beat Down Ever

Hahaha! Judge Judy is the BEST! I love how she owns this silly fool when he tries to tell her that her daughter is one of his ‘baby mama’s’. The moment she owns him, runs over his interrupting mouth, and hands down her judgment is absolutely hilarious:


One of things that we love about Judge Judy is that she doesn’t let thugs get away with anything. Alleged perp, Danny Gonzales, 21, was on the stand explaining to the Judge how he had 10 children ranging in age 3 to age 5 with “about 4″ different women when he started to get a smart mouth. But in true Judge Judy style, she wasn’t going to let him rule the courtroom.

The entire moment is golden, but when he jokes about her daughter being one of his baby mama’s she pops him in one of the best on-screen ever.

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“Let me explain something to you Fresh Mouth, I’m the only one who makes jokes,” said the Judge.

This is so worth watching again and again. This fool clearly had no clue who he was messing with when he went on Judge Judy’s TV Show. She will cut you down to size every time:

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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