Morons Go Fishing With Hand Grenades, Darwin Laughing in His Grave [VIDEO]

Morons Go Fishing With Hand Grenades, Darwin Laughing in His Grave [VIDEO]

Now, that’s Darwin Award material right there! Two Russian men decided to go fishing with… grenades. Any bets that they drank a whole bunch of Vodka before doing this? Mix alcohol with a low IQ and you go boom! Boris and Ivan stand at the ready on the side of their boat. Only one holds a grenade, so I’m not sure why the other has his arm out as well. Instead of throwing the grenade and waiting for fish to float up, they dropped it right by the boat. Big mistake.


From Rare:

Like all great videos that come out of Russia, this one ends with an explosion. Boris and Ivan are having a great day on the lake with a boat filled with surplus military explosives and what we’re sure is a few crates of vodka. Ivan has is arm extended, for some reason, but Boris is the one holding the grenade. Instead of throwing the grenade like a reasonable human being, Boris nonchalantly drops the sucker directly beside their little boat. Our genius fishermen were knocked briefly unconscious, but neither suffered any serious injuries.

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I am shocked that the men were only knocked unconscious. I’m even further shocked that the boat didn’t sink. What a couple of maroons. Who does something like that? They had to be drunk… I mean, it is Russia after all. I thought at first the smaller guy was dead. Geez. There was no thought given to that stupid action at all. Some say this is a scene from some movie. If so, it’s still dumb. I’ll bet they didn’t get a single fish either. Sigh. What next? Playing with plastic explosives? Put the booze down and back away guys. It’s all fun and games until someone gets blown to smithereens.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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