Mother’s Butt Caulker Gets Nailed

New Jersey officials said a quack “doctor” from the Dominican Republic was caught perpetrating what he was telling immigrant women was a surgical enhancement of their rear-ends this week.

The criminal was injecting household caulk into these women’s rear ends, telling them that the procedure would make them more alluring to men so that they could get a mate and have many children.

Six women were hospitalized.

You may ask why I am reporting this story? Is it proof of a great failure of the Democratic Party? Is it an example of the end of our civilization? How about evidence of the further degradation of our society and economy? No to all of these.

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This story is here merely to give me a chance to say, “Mother’s Butt Caulker Gets Nailed.”

I mean, we don’t want this story to slip through the cracks, you know? This quack doc is a rear and present danger. Talk about “junk in the trunk.” Let’s hope if this guy is released he doesn’t do any back sliding.

Thank you

That is all

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