[VIDEO] Only One Jeopardy! Contestant Left to Finish Final Round

[VIDEO] Only One Jeopardy! Contestant Left to Finish Final Round

Wow. I don’t even think my 90-year-old grandma would stay tuned after only one contestant was left to muck through the Final Round. Even with Alzheimer’s, she would still have a pretty good idea who would win. From The Daily Mail:


An episode of ‘Jeopardy!’ has been deemed the most difficult to watch after only one contestant was left advancing to the final round.

After contestants Stephanie Hull and Brad King were eliminated, Kristin Sausville was standing alone in the Final Jeopardy round on Thursday night, a sight which left viewers shocked.

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However, this is not the first time a contestant was left alone, it was the second in the history of the show.

As previously a contestant, who surprisingly competed against Sausville’s husband in the Tournament of Champions, found themselves in a one-person round, according to People.

Following the two cringe-worthy rounds of contestants repeatedly answering the questions wrong, it proved to be possibly one of the worst in history of ‘Jeopardy!’.

Hull and King did so terribly they were left with scores in the negatives – King ended finished with -200 and Hull had -$6,800, while Sausville had $8,400 in that round.

This left her in the winning spot after Hull and King were eliminated, and host Alex Trebek could not help but admit ‘this is not one of our greatest days’.

Viewers shared their thoughts on the show through Twitter posts with one writing ‘it was a bad episode of Jeopardy’.

Another user wrote: ‘A contestant on Jeopardy, Kristen Sausville, ended up in final Jeopardy by herself. Brings back bad memories of my prom’.

Pretty corny, I have to say. What is the point of continuing on if you know that you’re going to end up ‘winning’ anyways? Seems like a pretty hollow victory, if you ask me. Congrats on your win, and hope you have some sharper folks to play against next time.

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