Real Reason for Beer Summits Discovered

Turns out, not only was Obama told to stop smoking (meaning he still does. Which only bothers me due to his rank hypocrisy) but the man who fancies himself a health expert and everyone’s doctor was also told to “moderate his alcohol intake.” Besides wondering just how much he does drink that he needs to be told to moderate it, Ann Althouse makes a good point:

(If you think we shouldn’t be talking about the President this way, let’s remember how people called Bush a “dry drunk.” That is, he was criticized for being a drunk when he didn’t drink at all!)

The beer summits are really just a regular day! Shall we rename the White House, the Par-tay House? Maybe this is just something else that he inherited from Bush. Or, Anheiser-Busch.

h/t Jeff Emanuel’s twitter feed

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