The l33t Hax00r By Afton Walker

This a pretty interesting ICQ prank. Afton was sitting behind me at work. Bobby messaged him. I hate Bobby.

Afton introduced me to Bobby a couple of months ago through ICQ. He said he was a good kid and had a few questions about web pages. After talking to Bobby for about 30 minutes I came to realize he was incredibly stupid, ignorant, annoying, foul mouthed, and probably smelly as well. After 30 minutes I flat out told him I was deleting him and didn’t want to speak to him anymore.

Yet every few days he messaged me asking me questions about Afton like I was his $%&$%*$% wife or something and would know. Well Afton had stopped talking to him as well but Bobby kept messaging him. Then Bobby messaged him at work while I was sitting behind him and an evil internet prank was born…

Bobby’s 3rd grade level spelling was left in to further humiliate him =D. My comments added in green…(**No actual hacking was done in this prank. The only thing Afton did was a Dos command to see the IP address after Bobby messaged him. Also I’m usually the last person to make fun of someone’s spelling but Holy Crap…wait til u see =P**)

Bobby:: hia

Afton:: hey

Bobby:: is that u??????????????? 🙂

Afton:: yeah I have been looking for you: (**That was a lie =D**)

Bobby:: how do u mean, u have ben ignoring me for ages…about a month 🙁(**Hahahah**)

Afton:: ahhh I just want your ip

Bobby:: why do u want my ip ???

Bobby:: u still there afton!! it really is good to know u r rtlaking to me i did not have n e 1 as helpful as u to turn to wen u would not talk!!

Afton:: I just do for my own reasons hehe

Afton:: oh I am gonna help you alright

Bobby:: why did u want that: (**So he can send u a birthday card, why would anyone have any legit purpose for getting your IP**)

Afton:: why thank you

Bobby:: you dind’t know that I was a l33t Hax00r?: (**Those words will come back to haunt you in this prank**)

Bobby:: yes i did thats why i gave u a false 1 🙂

Afton:: that is ok I know the real one want me to give it to you?

Bobby:: go then

Afton:: …**.**.**.151

Bobby:: try again

Afton:: nope that is it hehe I know it is oh and nice firewall by the way

Bobby:: yes thnaks but wat u gona do please dont ahrm me: (**Is that how l33t Hax00r’s beg when someone gets their IP address?**)

Afton:: I might come in and look around a bit. nice shirt by the way you might wanna trn the webcam off hehe: (**Afton is full of crap. He knows Bobby runs a web cam and just thru this in but the l33t Hax00r buys it completely. At this point Bobby logs off for 10 minutes I suppose to turn off his web cam =D**)

Bobby:: ehehheeh how can u ways my ip bye the way: (**This has so many l33t Hax00r mispellings in that I feel the need to translate “How can you see my IP by the way”**)

Afton:: do what?

Afton:: heheh you can run but you cannot hide hahaha

Bobby:: come on then god hack me dont think u can ok: (**The l33t Hax00r immediately logs off just in case Afton actually tries anything and then logs back on like 10 minutes later**)

Afton:: you what? hahah did you just nuke yourself dummy?

Bobby:: wat nuked!! nothing was wrong here

Afton:: hahah you just dropped offline like a little egg: (**a little egg? haahahhaha**)

Bobby:: come on chicken sh*t

Bobby:: no but i did nt i went off line i clicked my connection and said disconnnect

Afton:: owww are you scared?

Bobby:: not 1 bit come on do something then hard man wat u forget is i have been to undergrounhackz .com and got a programm for hackers come on watch your coputer wat ahppens wen i get yar ip for hackming mine come on come on(**hackming? That must be some cool l33t Hax00r slang**)

Afton:: heheh ok you want it you got it ***.**.37.137.port 1583 heheheh

Bobby:: ok go then lets se yar stuff then

Bobby:: no listen can u talk to me with the programm u have can u set a up a direct link

Afton:: hehehe I can do a lot wanna see your screen?: (**OMG, at this point afton did a screenshot of his own desktop and sent it to Bobby. Bobby being the l33t Hax00r he is completely believed that was his own desktop**)

Bobby:: yeh

Bobby:: hey wat programm u got

Afton:: you know what you are so lame you suck you can’t do s*it ti me: (**My God, he’s a l33t Hax00r, don’t talk to him like that or he’ll crash your computer.**)

Afton:: it is called dos: (**As a side note, this is true. Dos plus and ICQ message and you can get an IP address**)

Bobby:: no lsitne wi have we fell out

Afton:: you just cussed me out fool

Bobby:: where cna i get it form i want to do it to someone in aool instant messanger i wont do it to u: (**The l33t Hax00r wants to know where to get DOS from? O..K**)

Bobby:: cussed u out?????????

Afton:: yeah

Bobby:: see ya me off c ya afton

Afton:: yeah you just get goin I hear your momma calling you: (**Hahhahahaha**)

Bobby:: ok me bak now

Afton:: why???

Bobby:: u found ne ways to make cash yet or have u found ne ways to hack pc’s or can u tell me how to hack somone on icq’s pc or aol insatn messanmger

Afton:: I have always been good at many things

Bobby:: oh right, =eh can u tell me how and wat u cxan do its jsut my friend i wana hack her pc and her cam is on and can i see her: (**great the l33t Hax00r wants to use his mad skillz to take peeps at some poor girl on her web cam. Go to a porn site you freak**)

Afton:: Heheh you need to be good at a lot of stuff

Bobby:: can u help then please u aint hacked my pc so i wont hack yours have i got dos or do i need to donwload the programm that lets u do this u will help u wont ya please please

Bobby:: so………………. please where can u read about hacking then


Bobby:: and wat does it tell u there did u retrt ure pc in dos

Afton:: hehe man you will figure it out

Bobby:: k can u tap in there web cam with out them noticing: (**agains with this webcam stuff. God what a loser**)

Bobby:: does it tell u all how to do it at that site

Afton:: yep

Bobby:: i ahve ebtered in english now wta do i lcik on

Afton:: just float around

Bobby:: i dont ahve a clue wat to clikc on on the sitewen im inis it search the best undergourn dhackl sites or wat: (**9 out of 24 words are spelled incorrectly(including the double on): in one long $*%$*%$ up sentence**)

Afton:: well you think that I am going to teach you how to do that?? you wouldn’t let me come to your house

Bobby:: lol u were kidding and would u honestly do that for somoen over here lolppleas help man: (**lolppleas? WTH IS A LOLPPLEAS?**)

Afton:: man I aint’ teachin you how to hack you would get malicious

Bobby:: oh coe on please tell me where to go to find out exactly wat i do….. i would not get mulisicous please i promise not to hack u: (**Do you swear you wouldn’t get “mulisicous”**)

Afton:: you wouldn’t hack me if you did you wouldn’t have a harddrive left fool

Bobby:: so there u go i wont hack u then………..i jsut want to know where i can learn how to

Afton:: you just look around

Bobby:: i dont know wat im loking fo thats the thing

Afton:: then no I can’t teach you nothing you are dangerous

Bobby:: lol no aint ok

Afton:: you suck go away: (**Afton has the gift of gab **)

Bobby:: ok im in dos now how do i hack onpot a pc

Bobby:: i dont know how to get onto someone elses web cam 🙁

Afton:: you have to be an l33t Hax00r like me hahah why don’t you quit eating at your computer

Bobby:: wats the address for that then

Afton:: hold on let me run it

Bobby:: thanks your cool

Afton:: ***.**.48.111 port 1833

Bobby:: how do u find that out where do u go p[lease afton i wont bother u wat is l33t Hax00r wats teh address 4 it or wats the programm etc

Afton:: that is what I am

Bobby:: can u let me knwo how toi hack someones pc i ahve a few school mates on now: (**I hope one of your school mates reads this and beats your @ss**)

Afton:: heheh you know what the win.ini is? I see yours right now

Bobby:: knwo what is it

Afton:: heheh I see yours want me to delete

Bobby:: wat is it

Afton:: hahaha if I delete it your computer go bye bye hehehe windows initialization delete hehehe

Bobby:: dont please dont i would not do it to u: (** Liar! You’d delete it quicker than you’d look at that girl’s web cam =P**)

Afton:: hahah but I ain’t you.. ok you choose a file I will delete it heheh how about your modem driver?

Bobby:: noo!!!!!!!!!1

Bobby:: please dont!!!!!!!!!!!: (** All the exclamation points are from the l33t Hax00r school of begging**)

Bobby:: tell me how to hack please

Afton:: what are you gonna give me to not do it

Bobby:: ok u ahve made a point u can hack me silly but dont

Bobby:: what do u want!!

Afton:: silly no I am serious

Afton:: gimme your soul in blood: (**I suggested this**)

Bobby:: i know okto make sure u r telling em the truth ell me 3 things that r in my doucmnents

Bobby:: your soul heheh I don’t have to tell you what are in your documents heheh you know what I know…hahahah here we go config.sys

Bobby:: no dont p[leasejsut tell me or i cant belive u jsut pelase 1 thing in my documents

Afton:: you have a jpg file in your docs

Bobby:: called i ahev laods name 1 thing

Afton:: me.jpg: (**Afton completely made this up and this idiot didn’t even check..yet..hahahah**)

Bobby:: yes give me 1 more thing and ill belive u

Afton:: hahah i know what you don’t have anymore hahaha I will start deleting one file per minute till you give me your soul let me see where to start

Bobby:: how can i give u my soul?/?: (**good question**)

Afton:: pledge it to me in blood: (**good answer**)

Bobby:: right theres 129 things in my documents delete 1 thing n e thing and wen i go abk in it should say 127 if ur telling the truth

Afton:: oops hope that picture of that naked girl didn’t matter

Bobby:: i aint got 1 of a naked gal!!: (**he should of said a naked chimp knowing Bobby =P**)

Afton:: not anymore hehe now I will go to the icq menu

Bobby:: okand do wat

Afton:: now hmmm let me see no I don’t want to delete that I want to talk to him while hacking him

Bobby:: no afton how do u hack please tell me

Afton:: heheh you will learn after I delete the I/0.sys

Bobby:: dont please wat have u deleted so far

Afton:: your bootlog.txt

Bobby:: dont please tell me ow to do this please

Afton:: Give me your soul now the frunlog.txt gets it

Bobby:: ooooooo u feel it ooooooozzzzing through

Afton:: gimme your soul in blood…now the backup.bin

Bobby:: wat have u deletd in totla so far

Afton:: three files heheh now I am looking for the next victim don’t you feel your computer running slower?

Bobby:: nope infact faster

Afton:: it won’t be in a minute hahah gimme your soul

Bobby:: tell me how to hack u lieing c*nt: (**See the charm? This is why I love Bobby so much**)

Bobby:: i jsut checked msconfig and evrety thing is still there

Afton:: hahah just wait you little freak your computer is gonna die!!!!

Bobby:: dont think so freak!!!!!!!!!1 u will die

Afton:: I haven’t deleted anything from the ms config yet haha

Afton:: bring it b*tch

Bobby:: go on then u aint delting anything yet either

Bobby:: fucik off u as!!!!!!!!

Afton:: bring it boy I want your soul I will suck it from your cojmputer

Bobby:: i dot think so go the wi u no done it yetok dlete evrything everything from my document and ill givbe u it

Afton:: you will give it to me or I will take it

Bobby:: take it then go!!!!!!: (**When the going gets tough, the l33t Hax00r gives up his soul**)

Afton:: thank you son

Bobby:: hey ps u lining c*nt lol there aint a me.jpg in my documents so uncluck ylol

Afton:: you will get slow now boy

Bobby:: no i wont lololl no but lsiteni do u know how to hack peoples cmputers y/n how in dos wat command do u use

Afton:: hahaha I will never tell you now that I own your soul: (**I wonder if Satan taunts people with that same line =D**)

Bobby:: u dont though!!

Bobby:: ok ill reboot now wta will ahppen

Afton:: yes I do you gave it to me and I am sure youare lagging a bit right now hahahahaha I will torment you hahahah I am coming to your house

Bobby:: oh yes considering u dont know where i stya

Afton:: oh yes I do

Bobby:: ach well i dont think u r a a hacker then i rebooted fine lol

Bobby:: aftons a tos pot: (**and on that note we say goodbye**)

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