The Persistent Spammer

(**One of our readers (Bryan “Maverick” Casey) got an ICQ spam message from these people and he told me they actually talked for a good bit while he tried to prank them. So I messaged them and the transcript is as follows**)

John Hawkins:: Hey are you the money people? Do I talk to you if I want to make money?

Renea & Rich:: hey…yeap…you came to the right place…

John Hawkins:: I am looking at your site now…how does this work? How does this work? How does the pay compare to other things? I am with McDonalds now and the pay isn’t so good =/

Renea & Rich:: okay…which site r u at now

John Hawkins:: Dude I so need something like this…I was digging old hamburgers out of the dumpster last night to feed my kids…I have sleep apnea and that makes it hard to get a good job…

Renea & Rich:: Go check out our Corporate Overview @http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx/webBP/ .It is an audiovisual presentation…there is audio for EACH page! I’m sure you will have questions, get back with us! Talk to you soon!

John Hawkins:: Is this Renea or Rich? Are you guys affiliated with excel spreadsheets because it says excel on here….Dude I fell asleep face down in a fry container yesterday…my manager shakes me awake..I have salt in my eye…a fry stuck to the side of my face and everyone is staring…I mean sleep apnea is a medical condition….I am on probation so I might get fired…do you guys allow people with sleep apnea to work with you?

Renea & Rich:: lol….just looking for a few bright, ambitious people who wanna make a change in their life….

John Hawkins:: Oh I do! I am looking at the page right now. It says my residual income can exceed my full time income! Hey I have something like that now.When people order Big Mac’s at work I offer them a deal…it’s like look that Big Mac costs $1.50…you give me $1.00 and I won’t ring it up (wink, wink)….Haha..I made $17 that way yesterday..that’s 3 hours pay extra….So this is related to MCI?

Renea & Rich:: no with with MCI…how would you like to get paid by a NYSE Co., EVERYTIME someone dials the phone, gets a page, uses a cell phone, logs onto the net, or even shops on-line?

John Hawkins:: You mean like everytime anyone in the world pages someone? Holy CRAP! That’s a lot of money? Even in China? I gotta do something else man..I mean I was grabbing these hamburgers out of the back today that had been sitting around and there’s this rat in the box eating I beat it to death with a broomstick right on top of the burgers but I was afraid I’d get in trouble so I just shoved it down to the bottom of the box and cooked em anyway.

Renea & Rich:: yuck!!! lol **we are one of the youngest companies ever to reach a billion $$’s in revenue. **we are THE youngest company ever to qualify to be listed on the NYSE **Excel has the 2nd largest fiber-optic network in north America and **has THE largest internet backbone in the world!!

John Hawkins:: You think that rat story is something? I came in drunk a few days ago and the boss yelled at me? Well I showed him..he drinks tea every day? So I pee’d in the big tea holders….hahaha…..So he drank out of it like 2 hours later..people were talking about the tea tasting funny all day long…hahahhaha…so you guys are really big into internet stuff huh? What would I have to do?

Renea & Rich:: Go check out our Corporate Overview @http://www.XXXXXXXXX/webBP/ It is an audiovisual presentation…there is audio for EACH page! I’m sure you will have questions, get back with us!

John Hawkins:: I’m listening to it right now..I sign up other people and they add other people right? I know some people I can add…But you are a business man..tell me this…there is this old bum who keeps looking around our dumpster..well I was thinking if I walked out and beat the sh*t out of him with a brick..would that be illegal? I mean it is OUR DUMPSTER!

Renea & Rich:: im not a sells person…i am a down to earth person….pay close attention to it…good luck

John Hawkins:: I read it…so what I have to do to sign up? Where do I send my money? I stole a crapload out of the register today and I am aching to make more!!

Renea & Rich:: are you serious about this business? go to www.XXXXXXXXXX./johnson2 and click on sign up

John Hawkins:[email protected]….that woke me up…stupid sleep apnea….Dude I would kill to get in this business and I mean that fact say the word and I will kill someone if that’s what it takes to get involved… fact…pick anyone you want dead and I will kill them….how about Eminem? You want Eminem dead? You got it!

Renea & Rich:: it woke our eyes up about 3 1/2 yrs ago too

John Hawkins:: Sorry about that…one of the stupid kids was yelling…”I’m hungry, I’m hungry.” Well I told him I was doing business…He’ll be sitting in that closet all night instead of sleeping in a bed..that’ll teach him to sass his daddy..I can’t find it on this page…

Renea & Rich:: click on opportunity and then sign up

Renea & Rich:: did you find it

John Hawkins:: Hahahah..this is going to be funny as Hell…I’m going to sign up with this credit card I stole out of my manager’s wallet when they took him to the hospital today…I switched his medication with sugar pills..hahahah…boy is he going to have a big surprise!

Renea & Rich:: lol….did you find the area where to sign up…..did you fill out the questionnaire before this site?

Renea & Rich:: hello

John Hawkins:: Yeah I’m in here now…..but before I sign up I need you to be a good boy….bark boy bark…hahahhahahah

Renea & Rich:: Your signing up as a MR for 199

John Hawkins:: Sucker…….ever heard of an ICQ prank? I just made u famous =]

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